Women’s Week At Ninjacart

Women’s Week At Ninjacart

For International Women’s Day this year, Ninjacart organised a series of events to celebrate women for not just a day, but for an entire week! Inspiring every woman to discover their true potential was at the core of our events. Ninjas were in for an eventful week as our sessions ranged from raising awareness of women’s mental health to launching initiatives to build a more inclusive workplace. Our employees made the most of the insightful and engaging events that were curated to offer something exciting for everyone. 

Decoding Women’s Mental Health

The week-long event kickstarted on the occasion of International Women’s Day, on Wednesday, 8 March, with a session where women at Ninjacart gained a deeper understanding of various mental health issues with Rebecca Chandy, Associate Vice President of ResilienceWorks. The discussion explored the effects of anxiety and depression in women. 

Rebecca shared valuable insights on dealing with mental health issues induced by menarche, menopause, postpartum, and PMS. She also helped the participants identify and understand symptoms that could be a sign of possible mental health problems.

Our co-founder, Vasudevan Chinnathambi joined the session and reiterated Ninjacart’s commitment to employee’s well-being. He also lauded women employees for their outstanding contributions at work. 

Building An Inclusive Workplace

On Friday, 10 March, Ninjas got to improve their understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the second event, hosted by Sreemoyee Sengupta — a workplace culture specialist from Rainmakers Online Training Solution. The session delved deep into the meaning of inclusion in the workplace. 

Sreemoyee emphasised the importance of avoiding unconscious biases as many studies show a direct correlation between inclusion and the success of an organisation. “Embracing diversity and ensuring fair processes for all helps create a feeling of belongingness among employees. This is key for the holistic growth of an organisation”, she added.

A rewarding round of quiz was in store for employees who stepped up to share their take on behaviours and practices that create equitable opportunities for all at the workplace. The session concluded with the launch of the POSH e-module. The e-module was introduced to enhance employees’ knowledge of the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace. Speaking at the event, Pravin Devanathan — Head of E-Commerce and Modern Trade at Ninjacart — reiterated our commitment to creating an inclusive workplace.

Celebrating Women Leaders  

The following week on Monday, 13 March, we hosted a Pioneer At Work session with Deena Jacobs, Co-founder & CFO of Open Financial Technologies Pvt. Ltd. During the exciting chat, she spoke about her journey from being a Chartered Accountant to scaling up the corporate ladder against all odds in the finance industry.  

Deena encouraged women to chase their dreams and be driven by a purpose, no matter the obstacles in the path. “Always have the courage to take the plunge. If not, you miss out on discovering your true potential”, she added.

Exciting announcements were in the store at the end of the session, as Pravin Devanathan spoke about the newly-added amenities at Ninjacart. This included access to a nursing room and creche facility at the new office, along with the availability of part-time roles across teams. 

We concluded the Women’s Week celebrations by treating our women employees to a copy of Indira Nooyi’s ‘My Life in Full’, signed by our co-founder Vasu. 

A Session on LGBTQ+ Sensitization

Our final event was on Thursday, 16 March. The session aimed to enhance employees’ knowledge of how to make the workplace LGBTQ+ friendly. Our CX team leads participated in the discussion to understand the definition of key terms such as sexual orientation, pronouns, allyship, and more. 

Our outsourced trainer for the event, Faiza Khan, also addressed the many challenges of building an inclusive workplace. He sensitized the participants with everyday examples and how one can ensure that their actions lead to a diverse workplace. He added how allyship is a continuous process and that building relationships based on trust, consistency, and accountability with  individuals or groups of people requires continuous effort.

This year’s Women’s Day celebrations were truly a testament to Ninjacart’s efforts towards creating an inclusive and supportive workplace for all. The events organized empowered our employees with tools to recognize, identify and overcome obstacles, both on a personal and professional level. We are truly grateful to all our Ninjas for making this year’s celebrations memorable!

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