Woman in Tech: Soumya Biswas

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16 Aug 2019

I moved to Bangalore from Assam with an engineering degree in Information Technology. I started my career as a mobile developer in a travel-planner startup where I was introduced to Android for the first time.

I then landed a job at Ninjacart and developed a passion for Android development on realizing how my work could help solve a big problem of the country. It’s been five months since I started and I really love what I do. How many of us are lucky enough to say that?

What drew me towards Ninjacart was the business idea. Farmers have the skillset to grow crops, but they are misinformed or clueless about what they can do next. We help by doing just that for them.

We often hear disturbing news of farmer suicides, and I think it’s safe to say that Ninjacart could be the sole reason for many farmers to have avoided that drastic step. This tremendous impact we have on society is what inspires me to work every day.

The people I work with are so energetic, it’s infectious! They work relentlessly with a lot of aggression that drives me to work harder, and this is exactly the kind of environment I’ve been looking for.

As a woman in tech, the best part of working at Ninjacart is how I’m treated the same as every other person here. Most places avoid assigning work because they believe a girl shouldn’t stay later than 7 pm. Here, we work until the middle of the night if needed. My manager has never treated me any differently and that matters a lot to me. He himself works so hard which always motivates us to do better.

At times, I might feel restless or tired, but the crazy atmosphere here keeps me going. I’ve always wanted to do something that made a difference, and working at Ninjacart has helped me contribute my skills towards a great cause.


Narrated by Soumyashree Biswas, SDE I (Android Development)