Life is all about Second Chances: S. Sushil Kumar

Life is all about Second Chances: S. Sushil Kumar

“Ninjacart has been my home of second opportunities.  Ninjacart was just five days old when I joined in 2015, with a team of only ten people.  As the first HR executive, my roles and responsibilities weren’t just confined to hiring but also learning and working for other verticals like payroll, procurement, and so on. After a year of rigorous learning and understanding my potential, I went ahead to explore opportunities in other sectors. While everything was going well, something still felt missing. I decided to come back to Ninjacart, but I wasn’t sure if I would be hired back. Thanks to Ninjacart’s inclusive culture, I was welcomed back with wide-open arms, and that’s how I got back to Ninjacart, my second home.”

S. Sushil Kumar, Manager, Marketing Team.

Joining Ninjacart

I had just completed my graduation and coincidentally heard that Ninjacart was hiring, I decided to apply. To my astonishment to this date, I was interviewed by our co-founders, Thiru and Sharath. It felt like an endless time loop where they gauged my area of interest, knowledge, and so on. I was thrilled to hear the feedback, they liked my outlook and zeal for learning and found me to be a good fit for the organization. The interview process was rigorous, but the joy of bagging in my first job was unmatched. And that’s how I started my journey with India’s biggest agri-tech startup – Ninjacart. 

Liftoff- All Aboard the Mothership

I was the first HR executive that Ninjacart ever appointed. I was a fresher with no knowledge of how hiring and recruiting took place. As an initial stint, I was asked to hire on-ground employees for our hyper-local grocery delivery. I didn’t know how to go about it but was I determined to figure it out on my own. I researched and found multiple resources to learn from, and took things heads on. I was given the freedom to explore and experiment, but with constant guidance. For me, this is what makes Ninjacart Ninjacart; the kind of ownership you get here is unparalleled. 

Getting back to my second home: The joy

After spending a year at Ninjacart, I took a break and started exploring other sectors. I spent some years understanding the different fields and found my calling in the field of Marketing. But when working with other organizations, the only thought that occupied my mind was, “I am not doing my best.” I felt that even though everyone was quite happy with my performance, I was only doing 10% of what I did at Ninjacart. My potential was not being utilized, and I did not feel content. So, I decided to try my luck getting back to Ninjacart, the only place where I could exceed my limits.

To my luck, there was a vacancy in the marketing team, but I wasn’t sure if I would be hired back. The dilemma worried me, but still, I applied for the role. Vasu, our Co-founder, received my application and texted me “Hello Kanna’” which means “little brother” in Tamil. I was super elated and my happiness knew no bounds, just due to that one text. 

I was interviewed by the manager back then. The hiring process included multiple rounds of interviews and instances where the interviewers rigorously evaluated my skills and knowledge in terms of Social Media, BTL & Branding. They were happy about the industry knowledge I possessed, and also gave me a perspective on things that I didn’t have an idea about. That’s how I got back to my second home, Ninjacart.

Adding value – What is it like to be part of the Marketing Team @ Ninjacart

Agri-tech is a completely unexplored industry. Furthermore, when it comes to marketing, there is still an abundance of knowledge to be gained about market positioning, market penetration, and therefore creating value for our stakeholders i.e. farmers, retailers, and partners. It gives you a chance to experiment and come up with breakthrough ideas.

 I’m proud to be associated with a company like Ninjacart that is impacting the lives of farmers and retailers across India. Our marketing campaigns, therefore, have to be quite hands-on, which has enabled us to impact lives in a very real way. Some campaigns I’ve worked on like Harvest The Farms, Special supply services to orphanages & apartments during COVID-19 and Health Camps for Farmers on Farmers’ Day which is something that’s close to my heart. Working and adding value to the lives of people during the times when the entire world had shut down felt to be a great joy in itself. And making that happen was only possible due to this organization that I work for, which cares about the well-being of all people. 

“Ninjacart, as an organization, has greatly induced the aspect of an Entrepreneurial Mindset in me, which is one of our core values. When you see something that you can do, it doesn’t make sense to wait for someone else to do it for you.  This is something that I have learned very well in the due course of working with the leaders. There is an onus of responsibility that everyone carries very well. With this, never being afraid of failure is one of the key values that I have absorbed very well. All of this has pushed me to better myself, not only professionally, but also personally.”

S. Sushil Kumar
Manager, Marketing


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