Uniting Voices: Ninjacart’s Inspiring Session with Nipun Dhingra

Uniting Voices: Ninjacart’s Inspiring Session with Nipun Dhingra

In today’s dynamic world, fostering inclusivity and empowering allies are crucial steps towards building a diverse and harmonious society. At Ninjacart, these values are deeply embedded within the organization’s DNA. In honor of PRIDE month, Ninjacart hosted a thought-provoking speaker session featuring Nipun Dhingra, a manager at AT Kearney and a passionate advocate for LGBTQ rights. The session, hosted by Ninjacart’s Talent Acquisition Head Aarti Jha, explored various aspects of LGBTQ inclusion, ally ship, and creating an environment of respect and acceptance.

Nipun Dhingra was invited as a speaker for the session at Ninjacart due to his extensive knowledge and passionate advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights. With his experience as a Manager at AT Kearney and his personal journey of coming out, Nipun’s insights strongly aligned with Ninjacart’s commitment to inclusivity. His unique perspectives offered valuable guidance on cultivating inclusive workplace cultures, making him an exceptional speaker for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Nipun started the session by highlighting his personal experiences, insights, and expertise, providing diverse perspectives on creating inclusive workplace cultures. However, what truly made this session remarkable was the active participation of Ninjacart’s employees, who asked thought-provoking questions that sparked meaningful discussions.

The session commenced by reflecting on the meaning of “pride” and its personal significance to Nipun. Identities and experiences should be celebrated and embraced, with pride serving as a catalyst for social change. Nipun provided valuable insights on making inclusive decisions that consider factors like age, gender, and sexuality. The discussion unveiled actionable steps for demonstrating support and solidarity towards the LGBTQ+ community, fostering a safe and inclusive work environment that values and welcomes every individual.

As the session progressed, Ninjacart employees enthusiastically engaged in the conversation, asking meaningful questions that expanded the dialogue. Their inquiries ranged from how young individuals can explore and identify their sexual identities to the significance of friendships and support networks. During the discussion, strategies for fostering a culture of openness and understanding were also discussed.

Closing the session, Ninjacart’s Co-founder & CEO, KK, expressed gratitude to Nipun for his invaluable insights, acknowledging the profound impact of his candid conversation.  

Nipun Dhingra’s fireside chat with Ninjacart employees was quite inclusive and engaging. It was a conversation about the power of inclusive dialogue, understanding and support. Not only did the conversation highlight the importance of allies and inclusion, but it also highlighted the importance of the questions posed by Ninjacart’s employees as a way to grow, learn and create an inclusive world.” – Kartheeswaran Kandasamy, CEO & Co-Founder, Ninjacart. 

In the closing remarks, Aarti re-emphasized Ninjacart’s commitment to fostering a respectful and valued environment, expressing gratitude to Nipun Dhingra for his contribution, which deepened understanding and reinforced the organization’s commitment to diversity and harmony.

“Nipun’s personal journey of coming out became a focal point of the session. With openness and vulnerability, he shared his experiences of navigating this journey in both India and the United Kingdom, where he has spent significant portions of his life. His unique perspective shed light on the differences in acceptance and highlighted the importance of support networks and available resources for individuals seeking guidance and understanding.” – Aarti Jha, Vice President, Talent Acquisition


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