Food Traceability (Coming Soon)

Food Traceability (Coming Soon)

Ninjacart is introducing end to end food footprint traceability for Fruits and vegetables, which we move from farms to your homes. This is our first, but significant step towards ensuring Food safety for India’s billion people.

What is Food Traceability?

Food Traceability allows us to trace the complete footprint of the product you purchased from Ninjacart. For every product you buy from Ninjacart, we can tell you the Farmer details, Warehouses that handled the produce, truck that carried the item to stores & more.

Why this is important?

Imagine, there is an outbreak of serious food safety or quality issue, we can identify the origin of the issue in hours and act on it immediately. 100% traceability also helps us control the quality and how your product is handled in the entire supply chain and have an instant feedback loop. In simpler terms – This brings a new level of accountability for the food you consume. Best part – Now you can know your farmer and share a word of appreciation for the Farmer who produced your food.

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