Thinking Outside the Box: Nitesh Kanodia

Thinking Outside the Box: Nitesh Kanodia

One major lesson I’ve learnt in Ninjacart is that you need to think out of the box and do something for the benefit of the company even if it’s not in your scope of work. It will help you fast-track your learning process and enrich your skillset.

After becoming a Chartered Accountant, I joined Ninjacart’s Strategy & Business Finance team in March 2021 as Management Trainee. Initially, my work involved looking for and tracking business numbers. But, since I’ve always been passionate about Supply Chains and Business in general, I took the initiative to track and analyze Business Metrics and their impact on finances.

When I was handling my first assignment, the FC labour project, I felt there was room for improvement. Upon analysis, I found that there was scope for cost optimization at that end. So, I discussed this with the FC Heads of different cities and the Labour Planning team.

When I looked at labour costs, I found that there was a dedicated team that planned  Labour for FC Ops. But, there were many other categories of labour like Lotting labour, Quality labour, Grade A labour, etc. First, I decided to merge all categories of labour under one umbrella. Then, post discussion with FC Heads of different cities, I analyzed the best practices of each city and then, after discussion with the Labor Planning team, implemented it in Pan India.
After we took the measures, we were able to save 35-40% in labour costs! Currently, I’m working on the Auctioneer model and I believe this project will have a major positive impact on my career.

Never consider your job as a burden or just as a medium to earn a living. Enjoy what you are doing, and only then can you do even the hardest work very effectively.

 I feel very fortunate that I’m working in a company that encourages an open work culture. The fact that you get opportunities to directly deal with the top management is wonderful. Ninjacart is a place that gives you ample opportunities to grow, explore and find your true potential. Before joining here I used to be afraid of taking on new challenges and responsibilities, but Ninjacart taught me how to deal with challenges and do it effectively. On a personal level, I am always hungry for knowledge and, in Ninjacart, I am constantly trying to fulfil my hunger by gaining more of it.



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