The path less travelled: Ops at a Ninjacart Collection Centre

The path less travelled: Ops at a Ninjacart Collection Centre

Growing up on a farm, I’d watch my parents work in the field. I was always eager to help them out and learned all about farming in the process. I knew that farmers deserved much more than what they got and I wanted to help them in any way I could. Obviously, agriculture is a field I’ve always deeply felt for.

We used to supply vegetables from our farm - Ridge Gourd and Brinjal Long Green - to the nearby Nonavinakere Ninjacart Collection Centre. I asked around and learned about the company. I was fascinated by the concept and thought of trying for a job in the same CC that we supplied to. But, it was very rare for a woman to work in operations, and a CC was the core of operations at Ninjacart.

I persisted and gave an interview. The head of Supply Chain, who is a lady herself, selected me and I joined the Hebbur CC as an Operations Incharge. I am the first woman to work in CC Ops! The job was perfect because I never did want to work in a corporate office. Being in the midst of all operations kept me on my toes at all times, and for me, it was better than sitting at a desk for eight hours.

I work in a 9 to 6 shift. My job involves quality checks, generation of GRNs, and ensuring on-time dispatch. I also monitor workers who do the grading and loading processes and ensure efficiency. Having an agriculture background also helps me in interacting with farmers, which is a huge advantage in this line of work.

My team is incredibly supportive. I feel valued and respected for my work. You don’t usually find women in ground operations roles. But here, nobody underestimates me because of my gender, be it with respect to my performance or my responsibilities. This drives me to work better. Being here has also helped me understand how to manage people from different backgrounds and mindsets. It has broadened my perspective and of course, made me confident of my own abilities.

Ninjacart was there for me during a very difficult period in life. I can say with confidence that it gave me a new lease of life, an opportunity to be independent while pursuing my passion at the same time. I love my job, and I’ll be here as long as the Hebbur CC stands, and Ninjacart paves me a path for new opportunities.


Narrated by Rashmi G, Collection Centre Incharge - Hebbur CC


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