Joy of Giving – The Ninja Way

Joy of Giving – The Ninja Way

“Giving is the greatest act of grace. The art of giving not only brings joyous prosperity to the recipient but also illuminates the giver with immense blessings and self-satisfaction.”


Sharing gives us a sense of calmness and fulfilment. It strengthens our values by making us aware of our social and moral responsibilities. Above all, it empowers an individual by igniting the flame of hope in the hearts of those who need our care.

As an organization, Ninjacart feels it is essential to contribute to the greater good. And what greater joy can there be than bringing smiles to people’s faces? To commemorate the 7th anniversary of Ninjacart, we undertook the mission to help the residents of Virgonagar Sishu Ashram through a Donation drive. The seventh anniversary of Ninjacart could not have been celebrated better than by spreading happiness.

In our endeavour to conduct the donation drive successfully, we finalized Shishu Mandir, Virgonagar as the perfect adobe for the cause. We partnered with this NGO because it provides free and holistic education to children from impoverished backgrounds, with an emphasis on educating the girl child. Its area of work spans 20 villages in the KR Puram neighbourhood in Bangalore East. The population is close to 100,000 children with about 60 percent living below the poverty line.

The donation drive started on 1st August 2022. Communication was sent across multiple channels like internal emails, and posters to all the Ninjas who went ahead to enthusiastically participate in contributing with goodwill to the ashram and its residents. The results were overwhelmingly positive as Ninjas came forward to donate clothes, footwear, accessories, winter wear, books, etc. With the growing interest of Ninjas to contribute more, we also opened up an online payment link wherein people who wished to donate money in the form of cash or online banking could donate.  The cash received was used to buy groceries for the kids and other essentials that they were in need of. To us, this felt the same as what an early adolescent feels on a birthday while distributing chocolates. The drive lasted till 11th September 2022.

After receiving a significant amount of donations, some of our Ninjas went down to visit the residents and handed over the first set of donations they got for them, on behalf of all the Ninjas. 

The smile on their hushed faces and hope in their tired eyes gave us all the right reasons to feel motivated and spread awareness among others regarding the wonders a generous donation can precipitate. In a world hampered by evils for personal interest, sharing is the only platform to bring about a sense of united sharing in an individual and an organization.”

Debismita Bhattacharya, Lead Recruiter, Talent Acquisition.

On the closing day of the donation drive, we hosted Mrs. Jerina PA, one of the teachers of Shishu Mandir, at the Ninjacart office. Our co-founders KK and Vasu handed over the donations that our Ninjas came forward to gift the ashram with. Ninjas had a hearty chat with her, wherein she explained the reason, aim, and vision with which the Shishu Mandir was started and had been running for about 39 years now, making it one of the oldest childcare institutions in Bangalore. Ninjas were deeply moved by her and expressed their interest to contribute more in the future. 

The core objective of any donation drive is to maintain a balance amidst need and greed by value-adding to people’s lives with essentials we have in excess. And that is something we adhered to, by sharing our valuables with the beautiful souls, who require it more than us. As the population grows rapidly, the resources become scarce as the planet has its limits. With this donation drive, we aimed at getting a step closer to bridging this gap, which is fragile to eyes but opaque to tongues. The barrier to living a good and happy life should not have wealth and outreach as hindrances, thus we at Ninjacart believe in contributing to society and giving a portion back of what we have earned for its betterment. 

Let’s join hands and be a part of this endeavor with us.  Join the league of Ninjas. 

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