The Freedom To Try and Fail Has Taught Me – Invaluable Lessons: Aditya Ram

The Freedom To Try and Fail Has Taught Me – Invaluable Lessons: Aditya Ram

I joined Ninjacart about six months ago. Though it hasn’t been a considerably long time, it certainly has been eventful, to say the least!

With five years of experience, I was hired as the Category Head for one of the verticals in S&D Team in November 2022. I had to build the team from scratch and today, we’ve rapidly grown to a team of four people and together we’ve achieved excellent numbers. 

Driving Force Behind Exponential Growth  

“I believe in focusing on one thing at a time. I’d rather spend time perfecting it, instead of getting my hands into multiple projects. Concrete business goals and a clearly thought-out plan have been instrumental in our growth.” 

My initial days were indeed challenging. My first task was to build an efficient team. I invested my time in handpicking every person on the team. I made sure that each had a unique talent and added value with their skill set. Today, we have a holistic team and we complement each other perfectly. 

With a talented team on board, we began the mammoth task of scaling up the segment by first focusing on sourcing. We understood the market and partnered with the right vendors since sourcing forms the foundation of our segment’s growth. In a span of six months, our SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) have increased by a great figure — that shows how hard we’ve worked to come this far in a span of a few months. 

The clarity in business goals and a well-thought plan have been instrumental in our growth. This is how we worked towards capitalizing various segments in this category as well. I made sure we start our preparation months in advance, so we have enough time to take corrective action and make the most out of the season.

We do have a long way to go but I’m thrilled for what lies ahead. I know we’ll achieve innumerable milestones with the support of amazing leaders like Nats (Natarajan M V, S&D) and KK (Kartheeswaran K, Co-Founder). It is their faith in me that pushed me to take complete ownership and drive the business forward. 

A Passion For Excellence

One of my biggest goals was to prove that I can drive a business independently. I also wanted to break the stereotype that leaders have to be of a certain age to successfully lead a team. When I was entrusted with such a huge responsibility, I never doubted my skills and was excited to achieve my goals. Ninjacart has shown so much trust — even in the initial months when I was a newcomer. That trust created a very powerful environment — it gave me the confidence and freedom to make decisions. 

“There is immense freedom to try and fail at Ninjacart. That experience teaches you more than anything and it has been amazing!”

The Epicenter of Innovation

My experience at Ninjacart has been very positive because my work environment is very encouraging. I resonate with the thought process of the co-founders because their approach to business is very close to mine. Like KK and Vasu (Vasudevan C, Co-Founder), I believe in building a niche — perfecting one thing at a time before expansion. 

As the Head of Category, I want to grow S&D and multiply our revenue by ten times in the upcoming days. We want to build Ninjacart as a template for grocery — a success story that’s looked up as a model for profitability.

Living The Ninja CODE 

Our core values are ingrained into our everyday activities. Every decision we make is based on delivering the best to the consumers. A good team always has an Owner Mindset, as the value ensures that we are self-driven and amplifies integrity. That mindset delivers results more than being instructed on what to do. 

Starting from zero to growing something from the ground up requires you to Dream Big and Act Bold. Thus, as a company, our targets have always been bold and I think the CODE values have guided us in making the impossible possible.


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