Taking Action in Crisis: Anandkumar’s Tale of Courage

Taking Action in Crisis: Anandkumar’s Tale of Courage

Respecting customer needs

Ananadkumar started his career at Ninjacart in June 2020 as a Sales Executive. Since day one, he built great relationships with customers. His excellent rapport helped him get more orders and reach targets and also stay connected with his customers. He was ready to extend a helping hand, even when a few retailers got COVID – he offered food and helped them in every possible way. Every time he visited a store, he made it a point to remind his customers to follow all safety precautions and wear masks at all times. After a year of hard work, Ananadkumar got promoted to Territory Business Manager.

Prioritizing work and taking action

During the second wave of the lockdown, Ananadkumar faced obstacles like being stopped by the police, but he never gave up. With the help of his connections, he got an official permission letter to travel freely for work. Ananadkumar also took the tough call to move out of his home, afraid to infect his mother with COVID during his travels. He rented a place near work and focused on achieving his targets, knowing that his mother was safe at home.

The drive to work harder

Ananadkumar feels more motivated to work every time he receives an award or incentive. He has the hunger to achieve higher targets and does extraordinary work. He aims to grow to a senior position in the company. His motto is to stay positive and focus on work; the rest will fall into place.

Ananadkumar is a proud Ninja and a COVID Warrior!

Ninjacart salutes the spirit of Ananadkumar Jalwadi , Territory Business Manager – S&D Satellite (Pune), for his selfless service during the pandemic.


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