Staying True to Our Core Values: Varsha Raman’s Story

After graduation, I was placed in TCS, where I was trained as a coder for 4 months. While working there, I felt like something was amiss. My engagement with the organization mostly involved coding, which I definitely did not enjoy. But there was something else to it as well. The excitement! The main reason which led me to the feeling of disconnection. 


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Meet our Procurement Wizard, Chaitanya

Soon enough after the restrictions were eased, we had started our e-commerce business and were moving up to 1000 tons. Even at that time, we couldn’t get proper support from the vendors because their manufacturing units were still not operational. We wanted to expand our business but were facing difficulties due to Opex shortfalls, continued lockdowns in some states, and a general atmosphere of fear.


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How Ninjacart helped me regain my Self-esteem: Rakesh Raju

My managers, Kenneth and Jessie, have always created a safe place for failure and success. They let me figure things out for myself and conduct my operations as per my comfort. Whenever I faced difficulty, they were always there to rectify and share the feedback to smoothen everything. At Ninjacart, your supervisors  always show the right path to success.


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