Leading, Building and Experimenting at Ninjacart: Shyam Shroff

Usually, for startups, the primary focus is only on GMV(Gross Merchandise Value) which creates some value and positive influence for investors, which may or may not come true in the long run. That’s one thing I feel is different about Ninjacart, we not only look at GMV but are also building a business that can be profitable and sustainable.


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How Ninjacart helped me regain my Self-esteem: Rakesh Raju

My managers, Kenneth and Jessie, have always created a safe place for failure and success. They let me figure things out for myself and conduct my operations as per my comfort. Whenever I faced difficulty, they were always there to rectify and share the feedback to smoothen everything. At Ninjacart, your supervisors  always show the right path to success.


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