Staying True to Our Core Values: Varsha Raman’s Story

Staying True to Our Core Values: Varsha Raman’s Story

Varsha Raman joined Ninjacart as a recruiter in 2019. Passionate and hard-working, Varsha is someone who takes on challenges head-on and is always ready to learn new things and adapt to new situations.

Today, she has grown from being a recruiter to being a part of the CEO’s office. Read her story in the latest edition of #LifeAtNinjacart.


I have a B. Tech in Bioinformatics.  Throughout college, I felt that coding wasn’t my cup of tea. In the course of graduation, I interned with a startup, where I witnessed the thrill of working in an exciting culture. 

After graduation, I was placed in TCS, where I was trained as a coder for 4 months. While working there, I felt like something was amiss. My engagement with the organization mostly involved coding, which I definitely did not enjoy. But there was something else to it as well. The excitement! The main reason which led me to the feeling of disconnection. 

During that course of time, I was hearing a lot about Ninjacart from my friends who spoke of its culture, the interesting work, and the opportunities. I was enthralled by the prospects and so, I decided to give it a shot and applied to Ninjacart.

It has been almost 3 years since I initially joined Ninjacart as a recruiter.  From Coding to Talent Acquisition, it was quite a big change of fields. After the pandemic hit and the lockdowns were announced, there were very few new recruitments. So, I wanted to switch roles within Ninjacart and take on more challenges on my plate. As I was exploring my options internally, I got an opportunity to work with the CEO’s office, as the Executive Assistant. After about 7 months, I moved to a Senior Executive role at the CEO’s office.

 I love my current role working in the CEO’s office as a Senior Executive as it allows me to work with multiple departments like Safety & Security, Business & Finance, Talent Acquisition, and HR. The experience has been amazing, as I am getting a lot of hands-on experience.

The X factor

The X factor of Ninjacart is Recognition.

If you put your strength and mind into your work and get results, the company recognizes and rewards you proportionately. And, that has been one of the major drivers that motivate me, along with its culture.

Ninjacart’s culture has taught me to work on multiple things at the same time while maintaining the pace. I think if this culture was not there, I would have taken my time to learn things at my speed, but our culture pushes you to do better. This habit has translated into my personal life as well, resulting in an effortless juggle between tasks with ease.

The True Ninja Spirit

At Ninjacart, we adapt to new situations and keep the process of learning intact. We are not afraid to make mistakes as long as we’re learning and not repeating them. Talking about myself, I liked HR but was not sure if Talent Acquisition was where I could showcase my potential, so I joined the CEO’s office where I felt my talents would be better utilized. Once I joined the CEO’s office, I had to look after finance too, even though I was never good with numbers. So, I had to learn finance entirely from scratch, and now I can say that I can navigate the team if there are any roadblocks. And this is where adaptability stands out to be one of the most promising factors in Ninjacart. 

Thiru always says that, apart from building a good company, he is proud to have created a sense of brotherhood among the employees”. Not only for work, but we also stand for each other for personal emergencies as well. This is very unique about the company. If Thiru calls anyone for anything, they will come and if they call Thiru for help, he will stand up for them. It again goes to show that we don’t have a sense of hierarchy here. More than a company, every employee feels that they are working in a family, among brothers, or “bros” as we call them.

My Superpowers

If I have to work on a big project, I will first adapt to the new situation by aligning myself with the stakeholders. I will try to learn as much as I can from the people involved. So, I think adaptability and coordination are my superpowers. Even if I am asked to talk to 20-30 people in one go to get something done, I would do it quite easily. 

Inspiration in the Workplace

I work very closely with Noopur, Director of Strategy, and I look up to her for inspiration.

I have been working with her from the beginning, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but she was very patient through it all. Even today, she keeps teaching me many things, and if I find myself stuck somewhere, then she is always there for me. She is very approachable and everybody feels comfortable working with her.

Her eye for detail is amazing. Even if there are a hundred layers to something, she goes till the depth of it to make sure everything is alright. That is one quality that I would like to absorb from her.

Varsha Raman
Senior Executive, Strategy-CEO’s Office


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