Solving Problems the Ninjacart way: Rohit’s Story

Solving Problems the Ninjacart way: Rohit’s Story

The first challenges of the pandemic

Rohit Shirole works as a CC Expansion Lead for the West region of India, around Mumbai Business Unit. When the pandemic hit, Rohit had to fight through many adversities, which he managed to do with a lot of support from his seniors and executives.

The most challenging phase of his job was when he had to travel to visit farmers and the market. He also had to get more farmers on board by gaining their trust and assure them that they would get good prices for their produce when the market was in a bad state.

During the initial days, Rohit had to ask for a lift from trucks or milk vans and sometimes, wait for 6 hours on the highway just to find a ride. He even got help from farmers for deliveries when he couldn’t find transportation. He remembers one instance when he had to deliver produce from Jalgaon to Delhi. He managed to complete the entire process of sourcing, grading, operations, and delivery overnight and arranged for a vehicle to travel 600 KMs in a time when movement was restricted.

Getting it done, no matter what

A couple of weeks ago, he was procuring 10 tonnes of watermelon as a regular practice to fulfil our demand. But, overnight he got a new requirement from the CC Infinity team for another 10 tonnes of watermelon. Since this was a new project, he had to procure without having a price base and sell the produce. Rohit’s great relationship with farmers came in handy as he got references for more farmers and sourced the extra 10 tonnes of Watermelons. He drove 250 KMs to the Mumbai Markets in his own vehicle and sold the whole lot. He even got a good profit margin from this endeavour. Rohit took complete responsibility for this project and did not back out despite the numerous blockers he faced, which truly makes him a warrior in these unprecedented times.

What keeps Rohit going every day

Rohit’s supportive team of seniors and executives motivate him to hit the field every day and focus on his work rather than the unfortunate situation of the pandemic. What keeps him going is the fact that he is able to help farmers through Ninjacart, without which they would panic and make losses. He strongly believes and abides by one of Ninjacart’s core values, Integrity, and he has his great relationship with our farmers to show for it.

Rohit is a COVID Warrior, and more importantly, a proud Ninja.

Ninjacart salutes the spirit of Rohit Shirole, CC Expansion Lead – Veggies (Mumbai BU), for his selfless service during the pandemic.



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