Rising from the dirt: A farmer’s success story

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06 Sep 2019

I was born into a poor family in Maranagere village. My parents and I were labourers who chopped wood for a living. We lived in a tiny space and earned about 300 Rs, we could barely afford our meals. I spent most of my childhood working to earn some extra income for my family. Over the years, we saved money and set up a Nilgiris business.

When I turned 30, both my parents passed away. The business wasn’t doing well and I was left stranded for options. I worked hard to buy 2 Gunthas of land. I felt blessed that for the first time I owned something. I grew crops in small quantities and sold them to the market. This helped start my Agriculture business and I gradually bought more land.

Three years ago, I heard that Ninjacart had set up a Collection Centre only half a kilometer away from my farm. I visited the CC and found out all about them, what they had to offer, and made sure I had a thorough understanding of their business concept before I decided to supply. Since then, I’ve been selling all my vegetables to them - cucumber, beans, lemons, hybrid tomatoes, and chillies.

In the farming business, there’s no time to waste. Now that I save time with Ninjacart and have more of a steady income, I am able to meet all my needs - buying manure, paying my workers, or settling my loans. I plan to develop my business by utilizing a few acres of my land to grow Guavas and the rest to grow lemons.

Today I am 61 years old, I’ve been a farmer for the past 30 years. I own 7 acres of land, 6 borewells, and 2 temples. Everything I own today I’ve built all by myself. I haven’t borrowed a single penny from anybody.

I strongly believe in hard work and the power of prayer. By God’s grace, I was able to provide my three daughters and one son a good education and the opportunity to live a comfortable life.

I’ve grown old in the same village and will live here for the rest of my life, but when I look back at all the times I’ve struggled and everything I’ve achieved, it truly makes me happy.


Narrated by Nanjappa, Farmer at Maranagere village