Leading, Building and Experimenting at Ninjacart: Shyam Shroff

Leading, Building and Experimenting at Ninjacart: Shyam Shroff

A true Ninja has a never give up attitude. If you know a problem or if you see a problem, you will take action against it right there. You never give up until you have tried all possible ways. Anyone who is doing that with the true self has the true Ninja spirit.”

 This is something Shyam Shroff, Director, Grocery,  adheres to the core. A graduate from IIT Madras and then MBA, Shyam has seen his career graph touch various highs and lows. Shyam has juggled many roles in his earlier days, starting off as a techie to product management and to algorithm trading. He then pivoted into business strategy, a space that sparked a new fire in him. Shyam is part of the leadership team at Ninjacart and heads the Grocery division.

Ninjacart – The X Factor

Usually, for startups, the primary focus is only on GMV(Gross Merchandise Value) which creates some value and positive influence for investors, which may or may not come true in the long run. That’s one thing I feel is different about Ninjacart, we not only look at GMV but are also building a business that can be profitable and sustainable. That is really unique and this makes Ninjacart different from any other company.

The most satisfying part about working as a Leader at Ninjacart.

The most satisfying part about being in a leadership role in Ninjacart has to be the complete ownership and liberty to try and experiment with different initiatives or projects. You have the freedom to try multiple things on the platform that’s in front of you. When you try out things with all your heart and mind and even if you fail, the failure matters less because you have tried your absolute best and would have had key learnings.

Ninjacart culture—A catalyst driving my performance.

My stint with Ninjacart has been an amazing experience till now. The amount of learning and unlearning I have received here has enriched my thought process thoroughly. The approach of having a problem-solving attitude and culminating innovative ideas are some of the aspects which have intrigued me to the core. At Ninjacart you have the freedom to experiment and try out things, you are allowed to make mistakes and fail, but fail faster and learn from that. This factor about our organization drives me and helps me to make a difference on a broader scale.

Advice for first-time leaders and aspiring managers. 

A leadership position comes with a great sense of responsibility and dedication towards the goal. For Ninjas stepping into leadership positions for the first time,  you need to have respect and empathy towards your team members and others around you. You need to have an open mind to understand people. Once the communication and understanding is set well between you and your team members, they will be on a path to grow. And when they step onto that path, they themselves will respect you and do anything for you. That is something that will help with the growth of you and your team. Thus, I think anyone entering a leadership position needs to ensure the understanding between you and your team well to help them respect and grow.

My first advice for aspiring managers would be to earn the respect of their team members, which is the most important aspect. Secondly, I would suggest when you have a problem statement in hand, always do your research properly, try to gather as many data points and analyse and prioritize the problem statement. Once you are able to prioritise the right issue, you can pick the top 3 challenges and set the bandwidth to get in and solve it. Once you are doing that as a manager, you’ll be successful.

Life at Ninjacart – The Joy

The most joyful thing working here at Ninjacart is the kind of opportunity I have got to lead, building something from scratch and the freedom to try out multiple things at the same time without thinking much about the outcome. Trying out different ideas, executing them, and growing with the team is joyful because you can see the end to end results. Building something from 0 to 10  is something really joyful for me. 

Also, the organization is evolving and showing great signs of maturity. It’s become more people-centric than just rigorous work. Constant efforts are being made to get us Ninjas the best of everything, and I am glad to see efforts being bestowed rewards and received well to maintain the integrity and cohesiveness of the organization.

Shyam Shroff
Director, Leadership- Grocery


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