Ramkumar’s Journey of Learnings and Growth at Ninjacart

Ramkumar’s Journey of Learnings and Growth at Ninjacart

“We have been giving attention to our work culture. Now, we have long-term visibility and have actively started working towards it, be it in hiring or business. Being one of the oldest employees, I have actually seen Ninjacart grow from just a work-oriented organization to a people-oriented organization. We now have experienced-industry experts who put efforts into catalyzing the growth of the organization. Watching Ninjacart grow is just like me watching my own child grow. That is the biggest win for me.”

-Ramkumar Krishnamoorthi

My journey into Ninjacart

I pursued my MS in software engineering and then went on to work for a start-up as a software developer. Being a part of the founding team, I also took care of the sales and operations and that served as a medium to broaden my vision.

I belong to a business background as my father owns a grocery shop. In order to help him,  I would go to the main market and buy fruits and vegetables for our shop, early in the morning. This gave me hands-on experience in buying fruits and vegetables, dealing with traders, and also witnessing the problems that every grocery store owner faced. I always wanted to solve the pressing issues they faced and had always been inclined to run and scale businesses. 

I had read about Ninjacart in the news and was deeply inspired by the mission of the organization to solve bigger issues in the Agri tech industry. I wrote an email to Thiru, expressing my interest,  and after multiple rounds of interviews, I was offered a job at Ninjacart. 

From starting as a  Senior Sales Executive to heading Circle and Operations for S&D, I have proudly completed 6 years at Ninjacart. 

Living the Ninjacart success story

In November 2021, Chennai was badly hit by the flood. Ninjacart found a way to keep going despite everything falling apart and make a difference to those in need of assistance. We didn’t stop the delivery, even in the heavy flood. Our team members used boats and rafts to commute and deliver goods to people all around Chennai. That was the level of impact we created and today when I look back at those times, it instills me with enormous pride. 

Also, there is the recent launch of the ‘Groceries business’ in  Chennai. Being a Kirana guy, I feel utterly proud to be a part of such a project.  With this, we even set up the control tower. With an aim to operate round the clock and work with a dedicated team that would monitor and control operations for all the BUs by complying with the changes that the BUs face.

Flourishing during the COVID crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak took a big toll on the entire world. In a time when organizations were laying off employees and shutting businesses, Ninjacart stood as a resolute rock that continued business, despite the hurdles. We came up with new job opportunities in the market. We expanded our business into different cities and helped improve the farmers’ lives to a great extent. 

During the COVID times, things took an unexpected turn for the farmers across the nation. They suffered huge losses due to the supply chain crisis in the market. Much stock of fruits and vegetables was at risk of rotting away after the harvest. In this difficult time, the Ninjacart team stood as a firm support and served as a medium to help farmers reach out to customers in a viable way. It instilled a great sense of satisfaction in me and encouraged me to push my way out to serve them more, for years to come.

“The best part about working at Ninjacart is our ‘can do’ attitude. We celebrate both success and failure at Ninjacart. The learning you receive out of your work is the biggest takeaway.

Being one of the oldest employees, I have never felt that I work for this organization as an employee, but have always felt that Ninjacart is my own company. I get to be an entrepreneur within the organization.”

The Sabbatical Phase 

After one year at Ninjacart, I was very excited about starting my own venture. I wanted to start my own B2B grocery platform and solve the problem of haywire buying for all customer goods. My original plan was to quit Ninjacart and work exclusively on my plan, and I approached Vasu (our co-founder) about it. He advised me something completely out of the box. He asked me to take a sabbatical, go out, try,  see how things work and then take a call. 

Along with Vasu, Thiru (our CEO and co-founder) stood up for me and gave me advice on how to run a business. I started a business with a small amount of capital and ran it for a few months. Thanks to the knowledge I gained, I’m happy to be back in Ninjacart. Following that, I was given the opportunity to be part of the team that launched Ninjacart’s Chennai business unit. 

Ramkumar Krishnamoorthi
Circle S&D Operations Head


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