Raghul’s Tryst with Destiny at Ninjacart

Raghul’s Tryst with Destiny at Ninjacart

Pursuit of Destiny

My journey in Ninjacart started in 2019 when I was scouting for a change in jobs. I was interested in an opportunity that gave me space for better learning and growth. I wanted a job that excited me and pushed me to do my best, and Ninjacart was the ideal place for me. So, I sent a mail to our CEO, Thiru, who forwarded it to the HR department, and I came on board as a Team Lead in November.

As I took the reins at Ninjacart, my manager gave me exposure to Sales, Procurement and Operations. Within a couple of years, I’ve received 3 promotions and currently hold the position of Zonal Business Manager.

Learning From Mistakes

The First Task I was given was to procure a weighing machine with Android specifications. The catch was that such machines were not available in India. So, I had to source one from China. But I wasn’t aware of its legality or custom duties applicable, and we ended up paying more than its worth. Later, we realized that the machine wasn’t compatible with our encrypted APK file. Much ado for nothing! We had wasted Rs 40,000/- for a machine that was of no use. 

This experience taught me a very important lesson. We must fully understand the details of the items we seek to procure before placing an order. Later, When we placed another order for 14 weighing machines, I ensured that the vendor provided complete support for the installation and training of our executives for its usage.

“This experience helped me learn from my mistakes and to never repeat them. The very next month Ninjacart allotted me 6 Lakhs Rupees and assigned a new initiative in which I had to open 6-7 offline stores in a single day! The management showed faith in my Financial management skills and I delivered on their belief.”

Learning from the team

 An Important quality that I’m learning at Ninjacart is adaptability. I have observed my manager’s style of working. When he is involved in a project, he immerses himself completely into it; and if he is suddenly moved into another project, he adapts himself and ensures the work there is closed summarily. This flexibility helps him keep a calm mind, which translates to a job well done. No time is wasted fretting or complaining about the situation; we roll up our sleeves and get to work. It is all the more fulfilling because, at Ninjacart, you know your labour will be amply rewarded.

“My manager goes to any extent to ensure everything gets done. It doesn’t matter what kind of situation or task he is put to, he ensures that he moulds himself. If the same would happen to me, I would analyze if this works for me or how could I do this with no prior experience. Adaptability is the one habit I want to inculcate in me from my Manager.”

Finding Inspiration

I find Kartheeswaran KK, our co-founder, very inspiring. I’ve never had the opportunity to work directly with him, but I’ve often seen him work. What sets him apart is the top-notch quality and ownership of tasks that he undertakes. I hear from my colleagues about his advice and guidance being of great value. He makes every problem look simple and every goal achievable. His leadership inspires me to handle things effectively and lead my team to success.

This is a wonderful facet of the culture at Ninjacart. The Leadership is ready to get their hands dirty with you. They lead you with poise and you learn from their experience. It is not only educational but very inspiring that our culture is based on exchange among equals. You are driven to commit to work and deliver on your tasks. Soon enough, you watch yourself transform into a leader.

Raghulvenkatesh Ayyappan
Zonal Business Manager


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