Overcoming the challenges of the Pandemic: Sagar’s Story

Overcoming the challenges of the Pandemic: Sagar’s Story

Keeping customers happy in a pandemic

Sagar works as a Territory Business Manager in Shimoga, Karnataka. His job is to ensure the MDC Operations run smoothly by working closely with the Ops and Sales teams. After the COVID-19 lockdown, all shops close by 10 am and Sagar tries his best to dispatch vehicles for delivery early in the morning so that retailers do not face any issues. He also supplies Fruits and Vegetables to 2 COVID Quarantine centres and he is glad to do his bit in this pandemic. Despite the dire situation, Sagar has managed to maintain good tonnage and order count, and more importantly he has not lost any customers and maintains a great relationship with them.

Overcoming daily challenges

Some of the major challenges Sagar faced during the pandemic was acquiring passes for movement and resolving LML issues. Many drivers were reluctant to show up, but he was patient while assuring their safety and convinced them to keep working. He stays 25 KMs away from the MDC and travelling back and forth and getting questioned by cops was very hectic for him to handle. Two of our labours even got arrested once, but with the help of the legal team he was able to relieve them to safety.

Despite the numerous obstacles that came in Sagar’s way, including police and BBMP interruptions while operating and Logitical barriers, he ensured that every single day deliveries went out on time. He always found a way to sell our produce so that the company never faced a loss, no matter the situation.

What keeps Sagar motivated

Sagar is determined to get to work every day and serve his customers because he does not want a single soul to stay hungry due to shortage of food in any area. With Ninjacart, he is glad to have found a chance to help people during the pandemic. While he battles daily challenges with his team, he ensures nobody is in harm’s way as safety is Sagar’s No. 1 priority.

Sagar is a proud COVID Warrior.

Ninjacart salutes the spirit of Sagar,Territory Business Manager – S&D Satellite (Shimoga) , for his selfless service during the pandemic.


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