Ninjacart Means No Worries of Sale: Ajay Sendhav

Ninjacart Means No Worries of Sale: Ajay Sendhav

During the first COVID-19 lockdown, my parents were really worried about our produce which was ready to harvest. If the produce goes to waste due to other circumstances, my family feels depressed because we and our workers put in so much work to grow a crop. We cultivate every crop with a lot of love and care. We sweat out through the day to grow veggies and Ninjacart ensures that it reaches the consumers. So, we didn’t have to worry about the produce going to waste and facing a loss.

Ajay Sendhav, Ninjacart Farmer, Madhya Pradesh

29-year-old Ajay is the youngest in his family of ancestral farmers. He always loved working in the fields with his parents and elder sisters. Ajay’s father brought up his children with the help of this farming land, so he feels grateful to the earth. His family cultivates Cucumber, Cabbage, and other veggies on 5 acres of inherited land, with the help of hired workers. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Ajay didn’t face the problem of transporting the veggies to market, as Ninjacart was available within their village, and this helped them stay safe and concentrate on the next harvest. 


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