My canvas: Sneak peek into the life of Akhila

My canvas: Sneak peek into the life of Akhila

“At Ninjacart,  we take bold calls, innovate and excel in whatever we do. A true Ninja holds many values. I closely relate to the ‘E’ of ‘ARISE’, the Entrepreneurial mindset, the go-getter spirit. The idea of taking responsibility, not giving up, and scaling new paths enthralls me. Whatever be the situation, I know teams here will get to the solution.” 

Journey to Ninjacart

Post-MBA, I used to work on Project Financing at Axis Bank. I was looking for interesting early-stage start-ups that carried fresh energy and were solving a difficult problem. I reached out to Thiru. Thanks to him and the leadership team, I got an opportunity on this journey. It’s been three fabulous years since.

What’s Leadership for me

Leadership is less of a position and more of responsibility. Over the last year, the pace of growth of the Supply vertical has been phenomenal. Being an enabler to a business of this scale has given me immense joy.

Mistakes and learnings @ Ninjacart

Mistakes make good learning opportunities. There have been times when I jumped into execution without putting enough thought into the solution itself. To do things differently, I now spend a lot of time on the drawing board and try to ensure that all the key stakeholders are party to it. In the initial phase, it may seem a bit counterintuitive, but this will save a lot of bandwidth eventually. This process would ensure that our approach to building is right and inclusive, and each one feels the solution is theirs.

Openness—A virtue 

Open environment is the bedrock that helps build trust at the workplace.  Teams need to talk- be it giving candid feedback or sharing due credits. The underlying of this conversation is what counts– to do the right thing and wish well for the other person.

Outside work

For me, it’s reading, painting, and also travel that helps form a different perspective and bring my fresh self to work. I read a range of books that pique my curiosity. I am a trained acrylic and oil painter. While I am not able to paint regularly alongside work, I try to sketch a bit to keep up the hobby. Calvin and Hobbes is a favorite theme for sketching, it has a few profound answers put very simply.

And while the last couple of years have been a bit of a blip, I love travel in general. I recently backpacked to Uttarakhand for a solo trek with zero pre-booked accos and transit.  This was so chaotic but fun!

Shero with power! 

For me, a Shero is someone who carries a lot of conviction and resilience. While this may not happen overnight, it’s about picking an area to excel, demonstrating success there and then people develop that conviction in you. It’s about being patient and running the marathon.

Akhila N.
Associate Director


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