Moving Past The Wholesale Nightmare: A Modern Trade Retailer’s Story

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04 Sep 2019

I’m from Kerala. I came to Bangalore to establish my business. Nishadha (right) is my employee, who is also from Kerala. His family lives there, and he works to support them. I’ve provided him and a few other of my employees a place to live above my store, which has been possible only because I’ve been able to successfully run my business.

When I started Xpress Fresh, my business was small scale. I’d wake up at 3 am, every day, and go to the market. It was very hard to get produce from the market. Wholesalers refused to sell just 2 or 3 Kgs of vegetables and fruits. I was asked to buy at least 10 Kgs for vegetables like lemon, or even ginger. Had I bought 10 Kgs, they would remain on my shelves unsold, and I would’ve had to sell produce that was not fresh and of poor quality. The wholesale nightmare did not end there - we also had to bargain to get a good price, but most of the time settled for a higher price than we hoped for.

Then, we heard of the Ninjacart app. It was growing popularity among other businesses. I decided to give it a shot, and I am happy I took that decision. The app does not restrict the quantity and only has a minimum order quantity of 2.5 Kgs for some vegetables, which was perfect for me. I did not have to wake up at 3 am anymore to haggle with wholesalers. Moreover, the prices are reasonable and the quality is fresh. The extra hours of sleep my employees and I get keeps us energetic and motivated to work throughout the day.

My customer base has increased ever since I began ordering from Ninjacart. They like the quality I provide. I order from the app before I sleep at night, and it gives me a sense of peace that my produce will arrive on time the next day, and the delivery is always of the right quantity. An additional advantage is that they accept returns in case any of the vegetables or fruits are defective in quality.

I truly appreciate Ninjacart’s initiative to solve this problem that is faced by businesses all across the country. Thanks to them, I’ve been able to scale up my business and improve the lives of my employees as well. I work hard to build my business, and I’m glad that I chose Ninjacart to play an important role in it.


Narrated by Hamzath, Owner of Xpress Hyper Market