Mahendra: A Frontline Warrior

Mahendra: A Frontline Warrior

Meet Mahendra, our Hidden Hero who drives COVID-19 patients to the hospital for free.

Mahendra drives an auto and has been a Ninjacart delivery partner for 2 years. Ever since the lockdown was imposed in March 2020, people found it difficult to travel to the hospital for a check up or to get admitted. Being an essential worker, Mahendra uses his pass to travel for emergencies, day and night.

Mahendra follows all the safety protocols and never forgets to sanitize his auto after each trip. He has also installed an isolation cover to ensure safe travel. His wife worries about the situation and the safety of their two children, but he continues to brave the streets. Having lost both his parents when he was 12 years old, he understands the value of life and the need to protect your loved ones.

Mahendra refuses to accept payment for his services; he feels grateful that he is able to do his bit to save lives. His generosity has been well received by everyone in his neighbourhood and they are extremely thankful to him in these times of peril.

Mahendra is truly a real-life hero and we commend him for his act of selflessness.


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