Karthiyayini Devi: Finding Inspiration in Our Core Values

Karthiyayini Devi: Finding Inspiration in Our Core Values

“At Ninjacart, each and every person is highly charged. They have the agility to pick up various tasks and solve every problem with utmost dedication and passion. The commitment towards work and standing by each other are some qualities of the Ninjas, that have inspired me deeply.“

Karthiyayini Devi, City HR, Chennai. 

The Journey 

I started my professional career 10 years back in HR, where I took up multiple stints for many top IT companies.  For about a year, I  worked for an NGO because I wanted to try something new and different. That experience changed my perspective and helped me to shape my working style. After this, I wished to get back to the corporate world and started looking for opportunities in the start-up arena. 

I always wanted to work in a start-up environment, where I could create a bigger impact and witness visible outputs, which often does not happen in big MNCs. I got to learn about Ninjacart, and the social consciousness of associating yourself with a space where you can contribute to a farmer’s life intrigued me deeply. And that’s how I landed up at Ninjacart. 

Learning and leading – The ARISE way

A – Adapt, Learn and Be Curious

R – Respect is everyone’s birthright

I – Integrity is in our blood

S – Speed is our superpower 

E – Entrepreneurial Mindset 

ARISE, the core values of Ninjacart has been a great help to me.  It enables you to see the vision of the founders, which directly reflects on how you undertake your responsibilities. 

For instance, take the first value, “Adapt, Learn and Be Curious.”  I am true to myself about what I know and what I don’t. If I don’t know something, I learn and make the best use of it. As an HR, you are always in a constant trial to address the needs of your stakeholders, no matter if it’s an employee, a manager, or a business head. In my opinion, the aspect of ARISE – our core values, bind everyone together by defining the aim and vision of the organization. This is a driving force for every organization, which makes every Ninja filled with pride. 

As a leader, when you are guiding a team, you should make sure that your team is getting inspired by you. I do not mean just the team that reports to you, but also the other teams which you support. You should be able to pull things together and be upfront enough to solve any problem that comes your way. 

Ninjacart – A great workplace 

At Ninjacart, hiring takes place at a broad level. We try to attract a lot of talent from different spheres and help them learn, flourish and achieve their goals and solve different problems. If you have potential, even if you are a fresher, when you step into Ninjacart you get to learn and therefore add value. The kind of growth you get to experience here is amazing. There are examples where Ninjas freshly out of college have grown and scaled themselves to greater levels. The core values, especially ‘Adapt, Learn and Be curious’, are followed to a great extent. According to me, this defines a promising and positive workplace. 

Leading- The Shero way

I have been privileged to be surrounded by some amazing women who made significant contributions to the organization. Every woman has made me believe that the only person who can limit you is yourself. If you look at every challenge as an opportunity, if you look at every failure as the turn of a new page, then the chances of you winning the race become much higher than the rest. 

The X Factor

The energy and can-do attitude at Ninjacart is something from which I derive my strength to do anything and everything. That’s what makes us Ninjas. Even if you are having a low day, the moment you walk into the office, the energy catches hold of you and that keeps you charged for every other task you have to take up. The energy that people bring to work every day, the determination they show at work and their agility to take up any challenge are the biggest motivating factors. 


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