How Karamjeet Braved the Pandemic and Excelled

How Karamjeet Braved the Pandemic and Excelled

Braving Unforeseen Challenges

Karamjeet procures Green Chilly and Capsicum for the regions of Chandigarh, Amritsar, Jalandhar, and Ludhiana. When the pandemic hit the second wave, it brought forth challenges that he had never foreseen.

He works in a newly established CC in Firozpur, which is 130 KMs away from his home. On his way to work, Karamjeet would run into trouble with the police, but when he flashed his ID card and got help from Ninjacart’s legal team, he was released as an essential worker. Unfortunately, he found it too hard to travel back home and there were no hotels around the CCs. But, thanks to the great relationship he had with farmers, he was offered to stay in their huts at nights. Karamjeet made sure he was careful by wearing double masks and taking all the necessary precautions.

Doing whatever it takes

Despite all the difficulties Karamjeet faced, he never lacked in his work. He managed to increase the tonnage to 12 tons from 3 tons in a matter of few months. The biggest job he had was to make farmers place their trust in Ninjacart, and he would go to any lengths to make that happen – including staying with the farmers until they received payment at 10 pm in the night. He even took the initiative to go to the Jalandhar Mandi at 2 am and study the demand and supply and get to know the vendors.

According to his manager Nakul Kapoor, Karamjeet has scaled the Amritsar market by 161% in just 1 week in terms of absolute tonnage and went from 1.5 tons to 3.5 tons 7-day average. His incredible efforts are evident in his target numbers and increase in sales during the lockdown.

Nothing can stop Karamjeet

Karamjeet is always ready to hit the field every morning, meet his targets, and build great relationships with farmers. His secret to success is to think of the company as his own, rather than being just an employee. His enthusiasm is a clear display of how much he loves doing what he does, and his mind is always running on making profits and doing good business.

Karamjeet is a proud COVID Warrior.

Ninjacart salutes the spirit of Karamjeet Kumar Singh, Area Trade Manager – Veggies (Amritsar), for his selfless service during the pandemic.



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