Harvest The Farms: Yatish’s Lockdown Crisis

Harvest The Farms: Yatish’s Lockdown Crisis

When crisis struck Yatish

I’ve been farming for 15 years on my 15 acres of land, and I used to make good profits.
But suddenly, when COVID-19 outbreak happened, I began to face huge losses.
At that time, I had cultivated nearly 10 acres of cabbages, cauliflowers and carrots.
But after the lockdown was announced, merchants wouldn’t show up or answer calls and I’d face a lot of problems with transportation and selling.
I did not know what to do with the cabbage, cauliflower and carrot that were ready to harvest. I was looking at tremendous losses. 

Enter Ninjacart

A friend recommended Ninjacart. We visited the CC and then the Ninjacart executives came to my farm. They checked everything and saw the losses I was facing. They helped me and advised me on how I can sell my produce to their company. The CC was only 5 km away from my farm.
I took all of the produce that I was unable to sell during the lockdown and recovered the cost from Ninjacart. They accepted all my vegetables and sold them. I did not face any payment issues either. During COVID 19, I had a lot of trouble with payments and never got my money.
I didn’t face that problem here. Whatever I supplied, I received the amount for it within 2 days and I was also able to pay my workers. I have invested in my farm again and I was successfully able to recover the losses I faced due to COVID.

Ninjacart’s initiative “Harvest The Farms” helped many such farmers sell vegetables and fruits to consumers across the country.


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