Harvest The Farms: Nagaraju’s Predicament

Harvest The Farms: Nagaraju’s Predicament

Facing Losses in Lockdown

My name is Nagaraju. I farm on 15 – 20 acres of land in Mugluru. I used to supply to the Bangalore & Hosur markets. On March 24th, I got to know about the lockdown. I arranged for transportation of my vegetables, but we found it difficult to go to the market because the police were stopping all vehicles. In the Madiwala market, for Rs. 50,000 worth of produce, I could only recover Rs. 10,000. I faced huge losses that day and returned home. During the lockdown, I couldn’t find places to sell my harvest; all the markets were closed. 

Enter Ninjacart

I came to know about Ninjacart while travelling on the roads of Chikka Tirupati. I approached their CC, and they said that they will buy my harvest. During the lockdown, I sold 70% of my produce to Ninjacart.

Ninjacart is very convenient for farmers as there is no loss, mainly because middlemen are not involved. Earlier, 10% commission was taken away by middlemen, but there are no commissions here. In Ninjacart, the prices are fixed for each day on each SKU. In the market, it is not like this. In this Corona times, since I’m interested in life so I do not go to the market. If we load the produce in some vehicle & send it to the market, merchants will say that they couldn’t sell. Even if they sell it for Rs 100, we have to listen; if they say we threw it in dumps, we should listen. Sometimes in the market, we couldn’t even make up for transportation costs. Whatever we trade in Ninjacart, we don’t get cash in hand, we get it into our bank account. Be it Rs 5, Rs 10, Rs 20 or 1 Rupee, I get it in my account. 

Ninjacart’s initiative “Harvest The Farms” helped many such farmers sell vegetables and fruits to consumers across the country.


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