Harvest The Farms: KR Lakshman’s Dilemma

Harvest The Farms: KR Lakshman’s Dilemma

A Farmer in Dilemma

When the COVID-19 lockdown was announced, I did not know what to do. We grew tomatoes, but could not market them, so we had to dump them. Then, we grew some beans but we could not sell those either, so we dumped them too.  Anything we grew, we were unable to sell to the market. Our labourers wanted to leave for their hometowns. The situation was tough, we feared we would have to give up farming itself. 

Enter Ninjacart

A friend from a neighbouring farm told me about a Ninjacart centre in Bagalur and suggested that we go for a visit once. I went to the CC, and Kiran from Ninjacart was available to show me around. I requested him to explain about Ninjacart and he made us sit comfortably and talked to us about how they source all kinds of vegetables. During the lockdown situation, we found Ninjacart and I began supplying to them from June 1st.
I have been a farmer for 10 years and in all these years I could never market my produce so happily and smoothly before. 

After Ninjacart, everything has been running smoothly without any problems. When I reach the CC, the workers immediately give us the crates, weigh everything properly and have no intention of cheating us.  Most importantly, I’d like to talk about how middlemen are not involved here. All these days, any business we did with middlemen would only fetch us 20 paise out of every 1 rupee sold and 80 paise would go to middlemen. Now, we receive the complete worth of our produce. Ninjacart doesn’t charge any commission. 

 We get paid for the exact weight we provide and for each gram that we sell. I am very happy with Ninjacart.
For farmers, agriculture is our main purpose. Farmers are the backbone of our country.
If Ninjacart develops in more places, all of us will be extremely happy.

Ninjacart’s initiative “Harvest The Farms” helped many such farmers sell vegetables and fruits to consumers across the country.


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