Going Above & Beyond: Vignesh’s Growth Story

Going Above & Beyond: Vignesh’s Growth Story

Highlight of my career

I joined Ninjacart in January 2019. Since then, I have worked as a Sourcing Executive and also worked on the CC-MDC Operations project for Chennai. However, the highlight of my career would be when we first launched Coimbatore city. On assessing my performance, my seniors recognized my capabilities and asked me to establish the operations in the city. I was a little reluctant because of my lack in experience but my seniors had complete faith in me which boosted my confidence. The initial stages were hard, but we managed to open 5 CCs and hired a few executives. I also trained the executives and helped settle things down for Coimbatore.

Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge I faced would be when I was working at Thalavadi CC during the lockdown. Thalavadi is a small town on Karnataka’s border. To arrive at or leave the CC, our truck needed to cross the border from Tamil Nadu, but it was not allowed by the authorities. Mine was a very hectic job to keep in check the quality and delivery time, but I would somehow manage to do my work.

Thalavadi is surrounded by forest, so I could not find a room to live in and food was hard to come by. I decided to stay in the CC and handle everything by myself, including getting the harvest from farmers and ensuring labours stayed until night time. Looking back, I feel surprised at how I was able to navigate through this difficult situation but I realised that Ninjacart had taught me to tackle any challenge that comes in my way.

Goal for future

My goal is to travel the world. I also want to build my own startup since I gained so much knowledge and several contacts from working here. I learnt the entire process from negotiating with farmers to managing CC Operations, for which I will always be grateful to Ninjacart. My next professional goal in this company is to be in charge of all the CCs of India and run their operations to drive growth.


A value that I like the most would be Respect. I learnt and lived the culture of Ninjacart and witnessed how a person in a Senior position treats his junior with respect. I have started to practice this myself, wherein be it a labour, an executive, a farmer, or a driver, I give them the respect they deserve and they automatically do the same for me. Even if I am in a tough situation, I know that respect will never be compromised.

Give respect and take respect, and you will always profit from it in one or the other way.


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