Fulfilling the Social Responsibility: Venkatesh H V

Fulfilling the Social Responsibility: Venkatesh H V

What if fruits and vegetables don’t reach the stores? It will have an impact on retailers’ livelihoods as well as the consumers’ needs. This is the time for logistics partners like me to step up and support the society by delivering their essentials. That’s how I’m doing my bit.

Venkatesh has been an auto driver for 19 years and a Ninjacart Delivery Partner for 1 year. During the pandemic, he worked as a full-time essential worker. His day starts early at 4 am and he reports to the Ninjacart Soukya road facility. He picks up the orders assigned to him and delivers them across the Hoskote area. He bears his Essential Worker pass and travels without any hurdles.

Venkatesh is very health-conscious, especially because he has two kids and his wife at home. He stays safe by wearing masks and sanitizing his auto regularly. Despite his fears, he does not want to stay at home, he would rather be out there doing his bit for society. Once he completes his shift at Ninjacart, he also goes to work at his second job until nighttime.

Venkatesh is proud of playing his part in our collective fight against COVID-19. At the end of each day, he looks forward to spending quality time with his children after knowing he did everything he could to stay safe and earn for his family.

We thank Venkatesh for doing essential work so that the rest of us can stay home and stay safe.

Narrated by Venakatesh H V, Ninjacart Delivery Partner, Bangalore.




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