Finding the right role at Ninjacart: Ayyappan’s career in Sales

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11 Sep 2019

Back in June 2018, I was a fresher out of college. I had been selected during a Campus Interview and was assigned to the Operations department. Due to some change in plans, I was asked to try out Sales and was deployed as a Sales Executive in Chennai. I did not know much about sales, but I tried my best to understand— my role and what was expected of me.

Experimenting with a completely different role than what you signed up for is not everyone’s cup of tea. I learned the Ins and Outs of Sales Operations - right from pickups to delivery - which helped my performance. It wasn’t easy, but I plodded on by simply because I wanted to be a part of the team I was working with.

In October, we had a review meeting with KK, our COO. He picked me from the crowd and appreciated me for being a good performer. I was stunned. I hadn’t expected him to notice! I was being recognized for my work, and I hadn’t even expected this! I was thrilled my hard work was finally paid off.

One night, I got a call from KK. He asked me to drop everything else and visit a Chennai DC the very next day to fix the low order count issues there. As only a fresher, I was afraid of whether I’d be able to perform this task, but this person had more faith in me than I had on myself!

It was a challenging task- it took me about a month to fix the problem at that DC. But it made me realize my knack for problem-solving and process design. So, I called KK and asked him for my next challenge. He directed me to another DC that had been facing issues. I took up the task head-on and solved it. From then onwards, I picked up projects to solve inefficiencies in DCs. We established a Calling Team in Chennai and ensured the smooth running of operations.

During the last quarter, I handled 3 DCs and in just a short span of time, we achieved the sales targets for Chennai. Currently, I have 3 TSMs working under me, and they have around 20 executives each working under them, which means I handle a team of 60–70 people.

Whatever I have done, whoever I am today - is all because I was given a chance despite my lack of experience. KK put his faith in me and empowered me to excel.

Last year I joined Ninjacart as a Sales Executive, today I am Team Lead in General Trade Sales - which only makes it evident that the right people will always grow in this company, no matter your age or designation. With enough dedication, hard work, and love for what you do, there is no place else you can grow leaps and bounds in your career in just a year’s time.


Narrated by Ayyappan Murugesan, Area Sales Manager of Chennai