Finding family in Ninjacart: Pavan Kumar

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14 Aug 2019

I am a farmer hailing from Andhra. I worked in the fields along with my parents for many years. We grew tomatoes on our land, but we got very little yield from it and suffered huge losses. The situation was so bad that it was very difficult for us to get by, and we faced a lot of financial problems. Other farmers in my village endured the same plight; it was as though farmers receive no value for the work they do, toiling in the farms day in and day out.

I withered through innumerable difficulties before I ultimately took the decision to leave my village in search of something better, and reached where I am today. I traveled to Bangalore looking for a job so that I could support my parents, which is when I began to work for Ninjacart. I work hard all night to earn my livelihood.

Working with Ninjacart has helped me solve many of my family problems, making things easier for us. I had a vehicle, but it was very hard finding any work for it. So after joining Ninjacart, I finally put it to good use. Working as a driver for Ninjacart helps me make some good, hard-earned money; most of which I send back home and the rest I save for the future.

I work with a lot of people every day while I deliver fruits and vegetables to customers. I don’t look at the people I work with as colleagues or friends; they are more like brothers to me. I take care of them like my own brothers. Even though I had to leave my family back in my village to work here, I found a new family in Ninjacart and it makes me very happy.


Narrated by Pavan Kumar, Driver Partner