Finding a Second Home at Ninjacart: Dhileeban K M

Finding a Second Home at Ninjacart: Dhileeban K M

At Ninjacart, you have the freedom to take risks and work in your own way to streamline the processes. As a manager, you don’t just push employees to work on the KPIs, but also help them to manage their work in a streamlined way and be a great support to each other. You may make mistakes, but you move ahead by inculcating the learnings in all your stints. And this is a principle that I also implement in my personal life.

Life at Ninjacart – The Journey 

I did my Engineering in Electrical and Electronics and then went on to pursue an MBA. I started with working for a reputed consultancy firm and then went on to work for many analytics service-based organizations. Post this, I contributed to the space of setting up business and managing projects for some well-known companies. 

In 2017, I decided to move into product-based organizations, preferably a start-up, with the mind to contribute at a bigger level. In the course of exploring, I learned about Ninjacart and decided to give it a shot. I initially thought of staying for less than a quarter or two. But today it has been five years of working at Ninjacart. 

Learning and growing – 5 years at Ninjacart 

A word that would sum up my 5 years at Ninjacart is ‘extraordinary’.  I started my stint here as a Business Analyst and currently serve as an Associate Director for the Analytics Department at Ninjacart. Starting with zero knowledge on how the Agri sector functioned, to knowing it in-depth and taking up multiple stints at the forefront, I have grown along with Ninjacart. The aspect of learning has taken place at a broad level for me.  I have always loved how employees are dedicated and have ownership of their tasks and responsibilities.

Another fascinating part that interested me was the aspect of data management being followed in Ninjacart which I haven’t seen in any company I have worked in before. Ninjacart has almost 6000-odd dashboards, which help to record and track data in a very vivid manner. It is accessible for everyone, starting from an employee in the ground to the CEO, who can have a complete birds-eye view of what’s going on across the BUs. 

The best part about working at Ninjacart is its open culture and the freedom you are endowed with to try multiple things. It’s great if things work out, and completely fine if they don’t. What really matters is the intent and the hard work you put in to make things work, and I believe that is a great value translated by the co-founders to the organization.

Leading and nurturing 

I have always believed that designations don’t matter, it is all about how well the person performs. I had the opportunity to work with the co-founders directly and that shaped me greatly. You think bigger and come up with substantial solutions to scale and map at a greater level. I have always believed that employees shouldn’t be evaluated based on their skills, but their intent when they take up any task or responsibility. One can develop skills in his or her lifetime, but what needs to be pure and clear is your intention behind everything that you do. 

Another part that I love about being a leader at Ninjacart is getting the opportunity to nurture Ninjas, not only from a job perspective, but in a way that the person has the comfort to share anything with me. I have cherished this faith and trust Ninjas have bestowed on me, and that is something I will carry with me all my life. 

Ninjas and Ninjacart – A family 

Ninjacart is like a second home to me. When I come to the office every day, it doesn’t feel like I am stepping into a workplace, but into my second home. The bond that I have developed here with everyone is not just of being a colleague, but a family member. Just like my family, it’s also them who know me in and out. Everyone here has always been a great support to me, both personally and professionally. On the other hand, a problem doesn’t feel like a problem when I am around these people. Each one of them has always stood by my side, and helped me with the best of solutions. 

I believe this bond is a part of the culture that’s been translated very well by the co-founders. Starting from celebrating the tiniest and biggest win to working rigorously when an issue takes place, there hasn’t been a day when I have felt like not going to the office. This is something I have always tried to encourage in my team as well. 


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