Feeding the Hungry: Achal’s Initiative

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26 May 2021

Meet Achal, our Hidden Hero who distributes food to the underprivileged.

It all started when Achal witnessed a woman lose her baby when she could not feed him. He realized that with everything closed, people were unable to find food. Many daily wagers had also lost their jobs and couldn’t afford to survive during the pandemic. To bring relief to these people, Achal and his neighbourhood friends formed a committee called Raj Rajeshwari Samiti in September 2020.

On seeing their excellent work, the Bhopal Municipal Corporation lent vehicles to distribute food in different areas. Many companies offered raw materials for cooking as well. In September, October, and November, they gave around 20,000 food packets to the needy in and around Bhopal.

In March 2021, they began preparing lunch and dinner for COVID-19 patients, migrants, daily wagers, and anyone else in need. Achal’s committee earned a lot of appreciation from people, even the police. They have distributed 12,000 food packets so far this year. They also organized a food distribution drive once a week in a temple, where people came to collect meals. Today, this temple has become a place of solace for the underprivileged.

Achal feels saving people from hunger and seeing them safe and happy is all the reward he needs. He continues to serve people in need with the support of his community.

Achal is what we call a real-life hero; we commend him and his committee for their noble initiative.