Encouraging international partnerships to solve the biggest problems in the agri-ecosystem, together

Encouraging international partnerships to solve the biggest problems in the agri-ecosystem, together

“Coming together is beginning, 

Staying together is a success, 

And working together is progress”

– Henry Ford. 

The idea of articulating thoughts and solving problems is an approach to drive success and make a difference at higher levels. At Ninjacart, we have been receiving requests and queries for collaborations from various organizations working in the Agri-supply chain domain. Assessing the opportunity to make a large impact globally, Ninjacart has opened up for strategic collaboration with start-ups/organizations around the world and helped them catalyze their growth by leveraging Ninjacart’s tech platform and scale experience.

How can startups across the globe benefit from Ninjacart?

As an organization, we believe in the power of collaboration as it truly aligns with our vision of solving complex issues in the Agri Supply Chain. We aim to instigate strategic collaboration and line up stakeholders for the greatest benefits of the Agri value-chain through:

  • Access to Ninjacart’s Tech Platform
  • Learn from our domain Expertise and Growth Strategy
  • AI & ML powered Advanced Analytics solution
  • Access to senior leaders and with dedicated support and resources.

Our Journey towards bringing fresh food to every Indian

Ninjacart, since the beginning of its journey from the year 2016, has brought together India’s best minds by marking the greatest revolution in the agri-supply chain space. This has not only solved the biggest problems but also given a spacious platform to flourish this domain. 

The key issues facing the Indian Agri Supply-Chain are:

  1. Lower margins for farmers & retailers due to 5+ middlemen between them.
  2. 40% food wastage due to the long, inefficient supply chain. 
  3. Lack of transparency and high price volatility.
  4. Longer payment cycles for farmers, lead to a shortage of working capital.

How we are solving the toughest supply-chain problems of the world

  1. Tech data platform: We’ve built an end-to-end tech-enabled platform to accelerate the sourcing and distribution of fresh farm produce. Our systems capture the knowledge of the unorganized market-sourcing, pricing, SKU movements in and across markets and institutionalize it.
  2. Robust supply chain infrastructure: Our supply chain infrastructure connects 60K+ farmers with 1 lac retailers from 100+ cities through 100+ collection centers, 15+ fulfillment centers, and 300+ micro-distribution centers.

Ninjacart’s Tech stack is Truly Built for Scale

Key Highlights of the Platform:

  1. Built over 6 years by top engineers, supply chain experts, product managers.
  2. Invested over $100 Million to build the tech platform.
  3. Highly scalable data architecture with advanced data analytics.
  4. Real-time automated ledger tracking for stock movements.
  5. Inventory-based COGS identification to track profit margins.

Our Tech stack is built to address all the functionalities of the business:

Are you looking to solve the Agri supply chain problems in your country?

Would you like to shake hands with India’s biggest agri-supply chain organization to scale your startup growth by 10X?

Yes! But how?

Ninjacart is here to help!  Drop an email to partnerships@ninjacart.com to know how.


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