Embracing The Owner Mindset with Savio Alosious

Embracing The Owner Mindset with Savio Alosious

“One thing I love about Ninjacart is that people here are very open to ideas and positive change. I never limit myself to my job description. I am always up to solve interesting problems in product and tech.”

I joined Ninjacart’s wholesaler segment in November 2021 after gaining a 6.5 years of experience in sales. Since agri-tech was an uncharted territory for me, I had to work hard to learn everything from scratch. From being a newbie in the agri industry to leading my own team, the journey so far has been very fulfilling. 

The first couple of months here was all about visiting mandis and understanding the marketplace inside out. Looking back, I am grateful for that experience because it laid a strong foundation for my venture with the Ninja App. By January 2022, I was completely involved in developing the Ninja App. This was my first big stint at Ninjacart and I had no experience with UI. I had to constantly push myself to enhance my knowledge in the products domain. Even though this was during the peak of the pandemic I never lost motivation because I was working with inspiring leaders like Thiru (Thirukumaran Nagarajan, Co-Founder) and Harish (Harish Swaminathan – Vice President, Product). 

Developing the Ninja App was a period of intense learning and growth. We would spend the nights in the office trying to perfect every detail before launching the breakthrough app. Thiru was a big driving force for us. His commitment, focus, and motivation fuelled our passion. 

“If something interests me, I have the freedom to reach out to another team and get involved in solving that problem. In that sense, Ninjacart is the perfect fit for me because the learning curve is always growing.”

Making An Impact

“Problem-solving is an integral part of the Owner Mindset. Don’t wait for someone else to step up, always be willing to take the initiative.”

As a startup, Ninjacart is a hub of creation. Every team is innovating to solve bigger problems. Our new core values-CODE i.e. Customer Obsession, Owner Mindset, Dream Big – Act Bold, and Energy & Speed inspire us to do better every day. The CODE values have been an integral part of our journey and have personally pushed me to be more proactive. 

Our drive to be excellent continued even after successfully launching the app in 2022 and shows our commitment to customer satisfaction. Every time the app had an issue, we worked equally hard to solve the problem and improve the user experience. I am emotionally attached to the app and I give my everything to make sure that it functions seamlessly. I never limit myself to just my team. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to learn new things and work on exciting projects over the years. In 2022, our team expanded from just 12 people to 60 people! We created multiple PODs and I got to build my own team and that was a personal win for me.  As a team, our focus was to improve the app — we worked on setting up the KYC, increasing user retention, and improving the overall customer experience. That’s the beauty of working at Ninjacart — if you have the potential and dedication, your growth in the company is unlimited. 

At Ninjacart, we want to connect the entire farmer ecosystem and that doesn’t end with one platform. The farmer network app that I am currently working on aims to connect the whole agri ecosystem. It’s amazing to work on frontier technology like this. I am glad I get to contribute to some great work here — I worked with the tech team to bring down the app’s load time from 20 seconds to 6 seconds and we shifted from a completely manual process to a faster, digital onboarding experience for farmers. We were able to digitally onboard farmers to the network in just 15 minutes! 

Grateful For Guidance 

One of the many things that make Ninjacart a hub of innovation is the people. They recognize potential and nurture talent. While it was Harish and Thiru initially, Mohammad (Mohammed Aehthesham K A, Head of Tech) has been a constant source of motivation for me. I’ve also learned excellent managerial skills from Harsh Bakshi. Aswin from the Product Team has also helped me grow personally with his insights. 

The Journey Ahead

Ninjacart has allowed me to grow by leaps and bounds. Problem-solving has been at the centre of my journey here. I’ve learned more in a year here than in ten years at my previous job. Every day, I look forward to an exciting day at work and that’s something that is very precious. 


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