Embracing Fatherhood and Its Joys: Jegathesh Paul

Embracing Fatherhood and Its Joys: Jegathesh Paul

The good news 

October 29th, 2021, is the day when my life changed forever. The happiest day of my life, when I finally saw my daughter and felt the warmth she carried. 

 My wife had been undergoing some abnormal body changes, she was feeling dizzy and felt like her head was spinning. We were guessing that my wife was pregnant but still wasn’t sure. We rushed to the hospital and after a check-up, we finally got the much-awaited good news that my wife was pregnant. I was engulfed with a sea of emotions. I was very happy and very scared at the same time. The excitement of seeing my baby kept parading my mind. 

How was the journey during those  9 months?

The nine months of pregnancy were a complete rollercoaster for us. Witnessing a life grow was the most surreal feeling as a father.  During those 10 months, when my wife was carrying, she had multiple changes in her body. She would feel uncomfortable because there were severe cramps. 

I remember an incident happened that scared all of us. I was in the office and I got a call from my parents asking me to immediately rush to the hospital. Scared to my wits, I have no clue how I started my vehicle and how I reached the hospital. The doctor suggested we do a couple of tests, but we didn’t find anything major, and that was a big sigh of relief. 

One thing that I always had in my mind was that my duty, as a husband and father, was mainly about making the journey of motherhood beautiful for my pregnant wife. And as my mother would say, it keeps the baby happy in the tummy and that impacts the baby’s mood when they grow up. To make my wife happy, I used to buy her everything which she craved. I also ensured there was no reason my wife would take any stress. She likes listening to music, so I  installed the best music system at home. I used to take her for a walk in the park every day. That is how I realized that I had started being a father.

How was your experience during the delivery?

At the onset of the 9th month, when I took my wife for a general check-up, the doctors informed us that we would need to do an immediate cesarean because the baby’s health was edging on the critical side. After the operation, when the doctors came and handed me, my baby, I cried my heart out on seeing my child’s face for the first time. We would have been happy a lot of times in our lives, for various other reasons, but this happiness was completely out of the world and cannot be described in words. 

Changes life for good 

When you become a father, there are a lot of changes that take place in your life. For me, it started with putting an end to my bad habits. I started keeping a check on my expenses so that I could utilise the savings on my daughter’s studies. I have started dedicating my life to seeing her grow and shine. The best part about my entire day is listening to my daughter’s giggles. It acts as a stress reliever for me. If I play drums or dance, she gets excited, jumps on and on, and laughs out loud. I am cherishing every moment of her life as a child. I get excited when she comes running to my lap and extends her hand for me to lift her. 

I want her to be well-educated and disciplined. I won’t make any decisions for her, but I will ensure that she’s on the good path. She will never be forced to become a doctor or an engineer. It will be up to her.

For me, my daughter is like my mother and equivalent to Goddess. In Tamil, there is a famous quote that says “Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum Onnu” which means Child and God is one. 

Jegathesh Paul, Admin Executive


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