Customers’ Loyalty, My Responsibility: Haribhau Mane

Customers’ Loyalty, My Responsibility: Haribhau Mane

“During the lockdown I was very much worried about my health, family and my business. Everyone said that elderly people need to be very safe, or COVID-19 can infect them easily. But, within 1 year, I had gained a few loyal customers and they would definitely look around for me if I had closed my shop. With the help of Ninjacart, I could run my business with safety precautions. My customers educated me to wear a double mask, and one of the customers even provided me with sanitizer.” 

Haribhau Mane, Ninjacart Retailer, Maharashtra

Before Haribhau started his veggies shop in 2019, he used to work in a small grocery store. During the COVID-19 outbreak, he was hesitant to set out because of the fear of the virus. Yet, he had to travel to the market to get the produce for his shop. Afraid, he wanted to give up until the lockdown was lifted. But he was worried, wondering how he’d fulfill his family responsibilities. 

His friend suggested that he place orders from the Ninjacart app, and this helped him get his produce directly to his shop. This gave him the confidence to run the business, as he would come in contact with fewer people. This helped him be safe, travelling only to shop and his home. 


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