Coolest Cat-Man of Ninjacart: Pream Krishna Baskaran

Coolest Cat-Man of Ninjacart: Pream Krishna Baskaran

The hunger to learn

Pream began his journey at Ninjacart 2.5 years ago as a Market Intelligence Executive. Today, he has grown to be a Zonal Trade Manager after his consistent hard work and excellent performance, which he has displayed throughout the pandemic despite all the odds. His work involves determining pricing, demand forecasting, loss control, and creating profitable margins with incremental tonnage growth.

During the lockdown, Pream wanted to learn something new. He requested a transfer to the Satellite team and moved to Chennai. He visited the market to understand market behaviour and predict the daily trend. Unfortunately, he tested positive for COVID-19 and went back home to isolate.

Working against all odds

While Pream was in quarantine, he did not want to miss out on work. Since he felt okay, he decided to sit in front of his laptop and resume his daily tasks. Thankfully, he had help from his Market Intelligence Executive, Maduraiveeran, who visited the market every day and gave him updates. Every night, the duo would get on a call to discuss market insights and set a plan for the next day. Pream is grateful to Maduraiveeran for being the Ninja who had his back.

Grateful to the ones who make it happen

Pream is motivated by his hunger to learn new things every day. Being a team player, he has driven his team towards their target with the same enthusiasm. He has also earned the title of “Coolest Cat-Man of Ninjacart” for his numerous feats in achieving targets and milestones. He believes the real COVID Warriors are those who help bridge the gap between farmers and customers. Pream sends his gratitude to the farmers, retailers, and ground-level teams for keeping us all going in these trying times.

Pream is a proud Ninja and a COVID Warrior.

Ninjacart salutes the spirit of Pream Krishna Baskaran , Zonal Trade Marketing Manager– S&D Satellite (Chennai) , for his selfless service during the pandemic.


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