Chaya and Harish: A Couple’s Journey to Entrepreneurship

Chaya and Harish: A Couple’s Journey to Entrepreneurship

My wife and I had the idea of taking orders from our customers on Whatsapp by night. The next morning, I deliver fresh vegetables and fruits to their homes in my auto. This way, our customers can stay safe at home, and we get to keep our business running.

Chaya and Harish moved to Bangalore 10 years ago to embark on a new journey in life. Harish made ends meet as an auto driver, but Chaya wanted to start her own business to support the family. Five years ago, they opened a small vegetables & fruits store by ordering their supplies from Ninjacart. Over the years, they grew their businesses and gained customers who were regulars at their store.

The 2020 pandemic proved the most challenging year for Chaya and Harish’s business. They suffered losses since a large chunk of their produce would be wasted due to reduced footfall at their store. Moreover, there was a time limit to keep their business open every day, which only made the situation worse. They learned from their setbacks and purchased lesser quantities by assessing their daily demand.

Chaya and Harish realized that most customers were unwilling to step out of their homes. They had the brilliant idea to begin taking orders on WhatsApp. The orders come in the previous night, and in the morning, Harish delivers fresh stock in his auto to their customers’ homes. With this idea, they avoided crowding at their store and even minimized their losses.

Harish and Chaya have got their first dose of vaccines and are following all safety precautions. They look forward to growing their business and overcome the consequences of the pandemic. We are thankful for small business owners like Chaya and Harish for doing essential work so the rest of us can stay home and stay safe

Narrated by Chaya and HarishS.L.V Fruits & Vegetable Shop, Bangalore.

(Ninjacart Customer)


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