Changing the Road and Finding Success and Joy: Pranathi S

Changing the Road and Finding Success and Joy: Pranathi S

A Change of Path

Before Ninjacart, I was working in the media industry, where we made advertisements for retailers. The switch to Ninjcart was challenging because this is a new industry altogether and now I was dealing with a different kind of product that is fruits & vegetables. Being perishables, fruits & vegetables demand urgency and speed in operations. 

I joined as a Territory Sales Manager in August 2019. I was responsible for leading a team of executives and visiting customers’ shops to align things according to their feedback. As I come from the media services industry, this new vertical would sometimes overwhelm me. I was even pondering about quitting the company and moving back to media services. But, my inner voice told me that running away from situations will not solve them. I had to show a fighting spirit. I had to take on new challenges if I wanted to grow. Thus, I took action on my intuition and decided to give it my best. I wouldn’t be afraid of challenges, and I would learn to adapt to the situation.

Finding a Mentor

My work involves the use of spreadsheets and data. When I joined, I wasn’t adept at using MS Excel and its simple tools like vlookup. Ashish, my then manager, was always there to help me. Not only did he teach me how to use MS Excel, but also taught me how to survive and do well in corporate life, and how to put efforts into work so that you move forward towards growth and achieve success in life. His guidance helped me to be good at crunching numbers.

Now, my current manager Sivaraman is someone who I look up to for inspiration. His calm and composed manner in conducting the operations is something I want to imbibe in my life. He is always up for any challenging project that comes his way. He always comes up with the best solution to problems, even at the last moment. No matter how complicated the situation is, he is ready with a quick and effective solution. He inspires me to be a better problem-solver.

“My supervisor and mentors have invested and supported me a lot in my success. Whenever I have accepted challenges or new projects, for which I didn’t have experience, they have supported me in-and-out and have always shown me the correct direction or the right flow to give the best results. I feel that due to their guidance, I am achieving success after success in my life.”


Learning from Challenges

The company value which I relate to most is ‘Adapt, Learn & Be Curious.’

Changing your field of profession is not an easy thing to do. You have to adapt a lot to make yourself comfortable in the new shoes. For me, I have definitely adapted to the workplace and the culture of Ninjacart in a very short period of time as I am always curious to learn new things.

We are in the Fruits & Veggies supply business where, especially in Ninjacart, we get unique situations for different projects. For conducting the operations smoothly we also have to be at top speed, or it will be difficult to continue. The company also gives the space & opportunity to each & every employee to learn & adapt to things, which has helped Ninjacart stand in an outstanding position.

“What makes the workplace exciting is that every day comes with a new challenge. Handling the company assets, centrally, for pan India is not an easy task, since facilitating key assets to every facility for all Business Units (BUs) and keeping a track of everything provided to me is a big challenge. I love this job because it actually helps me learn a lot of things in my day-to-day life, which aids my personal development.”

Your Efforts are Your Steps to Growth

Growth does not just come to you. You have to put a lot of effort and dedication into your work for any kind of growth. In Ninjacart, if you put in the effort and hard work with dedication, then you will surely achieve stupendous growth very soon. Some companies do not recognize your work, but here in Ninjacart, your every effort will be a step towards your success. The more effort you put, the more steps you will climb up towards growth.

The Joys of my Job

Recently, when I was talking to my relative about something, he asked me about my workplace. They happened to mention a lot of good things about the company, which I never expected that they would have known. It makes me feel very proud that I am working for Ninjacart.

My colleagues have become like my family & that is the most joyful thing for me. None of my team members ever hesitates to take up new things and if anyone is stuck somewhere, others will act as pillars of support, which makes me feel like I’m part of a bigger family.

“I was really excited to return to work after a long time ‘working from home.’ We celebrated Dussehra in the office a few days back and it was really special to have spent it with my Ninja Family. I missed the people and we had a lot of fun. This makes me happy working here in Ninjacart and makes me feel just at home.”

Pranathi S


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