Being Resilient in Testing Times: R Durgesh

Ninjacart’s value of Speed has served as a catalyst for me. I have always loved working at Ninjacart and bestowed my efforts in every possible way to help the org scale. It honestly feels great to see the way the organization has grown in the last couple of years. There have been significant changes in the aspects of business and culture.


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Leading, Building and Experimenting at Ninjacart: Shyam Shroff

Usually, for startups, the primary focus is only on GMV(Gross Merchandise Value) which creates some value and positive influence for investors, which may or may not come true in the long run. That’s one thing I feel is different about Ninjacart, we not only look at GMV but are also building a business that can be profitable and sustainable.


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Staying True to Our Core Values: Varsha Raman’s Story

After graduation, I was placed in TCS, where I was trained as a coder for 4 months. While working there, I felt like something was amiss. My engagement with the organization mostly involved coding, which I definitely did not enjoy. But there was something else to it as well. The excitement! The main reason which led me to the feeling of disconnection. 


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