Building a career from scratch: Sam’s Journey

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17 Aug 2019

I was 18 years old when I decided I was going nowhere with my studies and it was time to look for a job instead. Back then, Ninjacart was a B2C company and they were recruiting. I got Vasu’s number and he called me for an interview. I had no experience or even a resume in hand, but he gave me a chance and I started work that Monday as an Admin.

For three months, I worked as an Admin. And then the shift happened from B2C to B2B. We needed all hands on deck and I was sent to Sourcing. Soon, we launched the Fulfillment Centre Concept in Hoskote. I was responsible for leading the dispatch team, I worked there for six months.

At this point, we were operating only in certain areas of the city. Thiru needed more people in Sales for expanding to all areas of the city. We then set out on field to try and convert customers. After only a day on field, I was able to convert about ten customers, while the others managed to secure one or two. Thiru was impressed by my performance and pushed me towards Sales. That was the day I began my career in Sales.

For the past three years, I’ve been in Sales. I started out as a Sales Executive. And then, as a Senior Executive, I handled a small team of ten people. A year later, I was promoted to Territory Sales Manager. Soon, I became the Zonal Manager, which meant I was responsible for half of Bangalore.

One day, I got a call from KK saying I had enough experience with Bangalore, why not try leading a city? This was when we launched in Mysore. I handled end to end sales in the city. When I came back to Bangalore, I worked in the Project Team to launch different categories. People recognized my knack for experimental projects. Wherever there was a problem, I was called to handle it - be it in logistics or the project team.

Here I am, as a 23-year-old and already a manager. That’s the beauty of Ninjacart - people who perform will always be rewarded, no matter your age or designation. For my fellow Ninjas, I’d like to send out a message - don’t lose your passion if you love what you do. Enjoy the journey, and try to be better, every day. It has been quite a spectacular journey for me. In 2015, I left everything behind and built a career from scratch at Ninjacart, and it has been a wild ride ever since.


Narrated by Samuel S, Area Sales Manager