Big Business Dreams: Ranjith Reddy

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15 Aug 2019

I’ve been ordering vegetables and fruits from Ninjacart for the past four years for my shop - Veg Mela. I chose to become their customer because my friend works in the company, and I was impressed by the work they do.

I’ve known Ninjacart since the initial stages of the business, and I am also friends with the founder. I was curious about the company since it’s a new concept and I was certain it would help in expanding my business, and I was also happy that I would be helping farmers.

I’m glad I went for it because now I’m able to dedicate all my time to my shop. Previously, I’d lose a lot of time and money going to the market. Moreover, the prices Ninjacart offers are better than the market and the quality is much fresher.

My customers have appreciated my produce and my business has improved. The most important thing I’ve gained from working with Ninjacart is that I have more time for my family and big dreams for my business.


Narrated by Ranjith Reddy, Owner of Veg Mela