Being a Respectful Leader: The Karthy Way

Being a Respectful Leader: The Karthy Way

Pursuit of Goals

When I joined the Customer Experience team at Ninjacart as a Manager, I expected the role would allow me to explore new horizons, develop content, train delivery & need analysis, and monitor implementation. It makes me immensely proud and happy that my company accorded me the opportunities to strive for those goals.

Achievements were not far. Within the first 8 weeks, I set up and launched the “Help Centre” for all customer service queues. This helped our customer service agents deliver solutions with great agility and also improved the overall efficiency of the contact centre.

Feeling Recognized and Appreciated

Recognition came as my work spoke for itself. Since I’ve always been passionate about new responsibilities, I was empowered and assigned the additional responsibility of leading the product developments for the customer experience team. It has been an amazing experience so far, and I am happy to be a part of the Ninjacart family!

‘ARISE’ — All the Ninjacart values are more like principles and behavioural guidance. While ‘Respect’ is something that I have been practising for years, I always ensure to follow all our values as it helps me to shape my work ethic. This is the preferred way to achieve the desired outcome and stands out to be the most ethical path, too!

“At Ninjacart, the thing I like best is that multiple brains come together to launch initiatives or solve problems. We are given importance and our inputs are valued by our supervisors and leaders. There have been consistent efforts and initiatives to improve our workplace satisfaction. This is a true reflection of the organization’s interest in caring for its people. A positive, inclusive and respectful culture is a crucial key for a good work environment, and we are on it already!”

An Island of Opportunities

The business being very dynamic, there have been various product and process changes in the last few months. Execution of all these updates within the operations, quality, and training team has been a truly amazing learning experience.

Recently, during the launch of ‘Farmer Lifecycle Management’, I got an opportunity to understand the farmer-side inputs and processes in a detailed way. Things that I had heard about harvest cycle and frequency helped me improve my understanding. I learnt that even a welcome call, if not triggered at the right time, will lead to a negative farmer experience. During the course of setting the ticket flow, I gained many insights related to product and experience mapping.

“The specific and timely inputs from my Supervisor helped me to streamline the processes. Special note and thanks to Priya Bagalad from my team for her equal contribution in training the agents! A special thanks to my colleagues Durgesh, Macrin Smith, Sameer, and Arul Christy Raj without whom this journey wouldn’t have been possible.”

Leading with Respect at Ninjacart

Ninjacart has a positive and encouraging leadership team that always enables an immense scope of learning opportunities. Ninjacart leaders don’t just delegate tasks, they will be present throughout the execution. While they provide you with the freedom to express your ideas, they will also make sure to correct you if you are wrong. They help us to avoid making silly decisions. Such professional guidance is very important for individuals to achieve the desired results. 

Respect is a two-way street. If you want to get it, you must give it! It is not just about being polite and courteous in communications, there is a lot more to it. I lead by example and personally show respect to my team and my colleagues in all possible dimensions.

“This quote from my supervisor will always inspire me as I lead my current and future teams: ‘Don’t fear failures. But, at the same time, be agile in learning so that you learn from your mistakes and are quick enough to fix them and move on.’ ”

Karthiyayini Jaykumar
Manager — Customer Experience


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