Being a one-man-army: Thella Bharath Kumar

Being a one-man-army: Thella Bharath Kumar

Eager to learn and grow

Bharath’s first job was as a DC Ops Executive at Ninjacart in 2018. His learning since then has been exceptional to the point that he was asked to train new executives. When he got promoted to Senior Executive of FC Operations, he took on more responsibility for monitoring operations, batching and dispatching, and labour. During the pandemic, he faced a new challenge of handling the entire operations alone. With support and encouragement from his seniors and labours, he managed to successfully pull it off.

Being a one-man-army

Bharat was always ready to cover for his teammates who fell sick due to COVID-19. He would travel 35 Kms to the FC during the lockdown and handled the evening operations alone by dispatching to all Satellite and local MDCs on time. Even though there was a lack of manpower, he never missed his deadlines.

Bharath’s most difficult task was assigning and monitoring labours when none of them reported at work regularly. Every day, he had to plan their productivity based on capacity. Being organized and adapting to the daily changes helped him achieve his targets. During the pandemic, Bharath only had 2 goals in mind – to seamlessly manage the floor and improve his abilities to handle tough situations.

Finding motivation and motivating others

Bharath is grateful to do his part in helping people during the pandemic by doing his job. This motivates him to fulfil his targets and work hard to do bigger and better things. He even stood as a motivator to other employees and helped his team achieve their goals. Bharath is a great team player, an excellent trainer, and a curious individual who is always willing to learn new things.

Bharath is a true Ninja and a proud COVID Warrior!

Ninjacart salutes the spirit of Thella Bharath Kumar, Senior Executive – FC Operations (Hyderabad), for his selfless service during the pandemic.


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