Analytics at the heart of Ninjacart: Kesavan’s purpose as a Data Enthusiast to drive Business and Change

Analytics at the heart of Ninjacart: Kesavan’s purpose as a Data Enthusiast to drive Business and Change

Building a career by doing what I love

During my engineering course, I fell in love with my core subjects — Supply Chain and Statistics. As a data enthusiast who is fond of getting to the bottom of things by crunching numbers, I was especially interested in understanding how data can drive some of the most important decisions in the world. Hence, when I was offered a job in the Analytics team at Ninjacart in 2019, I jumped at the opportunity to apply my knowledge of my favourite subjects in the real world and make a real impact.

Although I knew nothing about Analytics back then, my manager was very supportive and gave me free rein to learn everything I possibly could for a month. In 3 months, I secured the role of Data Analyst and since then, I have delved deep into Ninjacart’s data matrix, dipped my hands in a lot of interesting projects, and let my career take its course to flourish.

Learning everything under the sun, on the go

My first responsibility was to handle the Procurement team, which my manager believes set me in the right direction for my career. Here, I had the chance to work on multiple projects, learn about processes and look at data in a way I had never done before, and also adapt to the ever-changing situations of the market.

Next, I switched to handle the Sales team where I worked on performance measurement projects, building a manpower matrix, and dashboards to worklist daily reports. Then, I moved to work on the Category team which brought forth its challenges. With this stint, I was able to gauge the workings of the entire supply chain since the Category team was the main link between farmers and retailers. I learnt how to set the demand for the procurement team and the targets for the sales team. With every process that happened on the ground, I was implementing them on a data-level display, which gave me a bird’s-eye view of Ninjacart.

“Without data, it’s impossible to know the impact of your business in terms of profit or loss. My most exciting projects involved resolving real-time challenges, fixing loopholes, and performing root cause analysis to drive business decisions. With the power of data in my hands, I could witness the real-time impact of our hard work, which is a very fulfilling experience.”

Aspiring to become a Data Scientist

At present, I have been promoted to Business Analyst and I’m working with the Supply Vertical. I provide data dashboard visibility to my stakeholders in the Sales and Distribution team and the Infinity Supply Business to assess profitability. The best part about my role is that I get to work closely with the Business Finance team to solve challenging business problems by deriving meaningful insights from data. With trend analysis, root cause analysis, and waterfall analysis, I help define business metrics and KPIs.

“Using my skills to create interlinks among farmers, retailers, partners, and employees has inspired me further to explore the possibilities of data. My goal for the future is to become a Data Scientist and drive impact and change for the business.”


The grass is greener outside your comfort zone

At Ninjacart, there have been no limitations for growth. Our dynamic culture has allowed me to voice my opinions without inhibitions, implement my ideas to bring about change, and improve the business by using data. It’s great to be appreciated and recognized for the work I do, which makes me feel that I should never stop putting my best foot forward for Ninjacart. I am forever grateful for my manager’s support and my enthusiastic team who always keep me on my toes and allow me to push myself to reach for the stars.

Kesavan Lakshminarayanan
Business Analyst at Ninjacart


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