A Responsible Citizen: Swathi

A Responsible Citizen: Swathi

Meet Swathi, our Hidden Hero who prepares meals for COVID-19 patients.

Swathi began with serving her own neighbours who were infected by COVID. A few days later, an Instagram story by Meals for Madras caught her eye and she volunteered immediately. Her first order was from a 70-year-old woman who couldn’t walk or cook for herself. Now, with the help of her parents, she cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 8 people and delivers the packages through local delivery services.

Swathi’s compassion knows no bounds as she has always loved volunteering and helping people. She balances her job, her chores at home, and her volunteer work, every day. Swathi finds great joy if she is able to help even one person, which is why she took up this noble initiative.

Swathi is nothing less than a hero and we are proud of our Ninja!


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