A Generational Farmer: Kumar MC

A Generational Farmer: Kumar MC

During the second wave, I had viral fever for two days, and I couldn’t harvest my veggies. For those two days, all I could think about was people not getting their essentials because of the shortage in supply during these tough times. It’s every farmer’s responsibility to feed, and the people trust us to feed them.

Kumar is a second-generation farmer who has been farming for the past 15 years. He completed his 12th standard and aspired to be a teacher. Unfortunately, he did not get through his training. But, he found his happy place in the farm. Kumar has two sons – his eldest has completed his 12th and looks forward to joining an engineering or medical college. His youngest son has completed his 10th standard. Kumar is able to pay for his sons’ education and online classes during the lockdown by selling his produce to Ninjacart. Kumar grows Chilli, Bajji Chilli, Bitter gourd, Ridge gourd, Beetroot and Potato on his farm.

Narrated by Kumar MC, Ninjacart Farmer, Belur (Karnataka).


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