A Father & His Son Against a Pandemic: Kumaresan

A Father & His Son Against a Pandemic: Kumaresan

During the COVID-19 outbreak, I was baffled and couldn’t think of anything beyond my business. I had no idea how I would run the business with the impending restrictions. My family asked me not to travel to the market to buy fresh stock. But I was not in a state of mind to keep the shop’s doors shut.

Kumaresan – Ninjacart Retailer & Owner of Ganesh Store, Chennai

Kumaresan’s Ganesh Store is located in the centre of Chennai city and serves about 80 to 100 families in a day. He came from the village of Thoothukudi, 30 years ago, dreaming to be a businessman. Initially, he started his business on a very small scale, and now he owns a retail store.

When the lockdown was announced, Kumaresan only had a minimal stock of veggies in his shop because most of the markets were closed. He worried about his customers who would buy from him regularly because there were only a few shops open in the locality.
People came to his shop every morning to buy vegetables, but unfortunately, there was no supply. That is when Kumaresan’s son came to know about Ninjacart through Google. The same evening they placed their orders. The next morning, as Kumaresan opened the stores with his son, they saw a Ninjacart truck with fresh stocks.

After getting the services of Ninjacart, the supply of fresh produce to his shop was uninterrupted. He was able to fulfil the demands of his customers, which made him very happy.
A few of his customers provided him with masks and sanitizer, and that is when he realized how much he meant to them.


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